Trend Under The Radar: Shirt Dresses.

I've noticed a LOT of fashionable young things wearing a certain garment of late: The shirt dress. Now, I don't mean, by this, the 'Safari' (circa 2007, cap sleeve in khaki or tan, button down, belted) oh no, but more an actual shirt, masquerading as a dress. Now, since I'm Not Buying Anything at the moment, I've had to be slightly more frugal with my attempts to dip a toe into this trend (read: charity shop men's shirts, watch out) but I'm eager to try, because they look amazing. I particularly like the ones that have a proper 'shirt tail' bit that scoops down at the back and front, and is higher at the sides...they look great with leggings and a dencent pair of glads.

But since I have not set foot into a stylish establishment toting fashionable wares since The Shoe Rage Incident, I am sadly lacking a decent fitting, flattering, white, (it's gotta be, though my friend Lauren has just purchased a rather snappy striped number) shirt dress. And the hole it has created in my wardrobe is unbelievable. Everything I own will work with a shirt dress. I need a shirt dress. More to the point, I damn well want one, but until such time as my credit card balance is the same as that of my current account (i.e: Nil) I am resisting purchasing one. Though I did see a fetching (possibly) Versace shirt in the window of my local YMCA branch the other day, so I deduce a snoop in there could be in order. I mean, If Carrie Bradshaw can do it (yes, I know Sex and the City is a TV show, and yes, she had just fallen into a pond in central park, and could not possibly drip home in disintegrating vintage) then surely, it has to be worth a crack at? (note to self: Remember, one does not live in New York City in high summer, have legs that resemble pipe cleaners, or a halo of curls to offset said shirt's crispness.) Maybe not then.
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