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Today has been a smashingly relaxed Friday off in the sun (ish...it kinda broke through, for a time). Making the most of having some free time, I spent it with the boy, and we decided to scupper our initial plans to launch another bootsale attack, and instead feed my shop-starved self by taking on some charity shops. (This is allowed. The boy even questioned whether it would surely just be tempting fate to go looking where I can't buy, but, I explained that Charity outlets are the exception to my non-spending rule. He looked a bit quizzical, like maybe I had just made that up because I am literally desperate to spend money I don't have. But its true, promise...cos Charity shops are just like recycling so, I'm not mindlessly spending, I'm caring for the environment and helping the needy out to boot, and what's not to like about that).

So we set off, with a mission to take on every single charity shop in our two-bit town. Actually it isn't really a two-bit town, its really rather nice, clean and pretty friendly....perhaps I had yet to shake off the sleep-attack, induced by being woken by sharp tounged and foul mouthed squaddies rip roaring up the road outside the boy's flat at 4am. I swear to god, he lives on party central street, and his window don't close properly. Still, a blast of fresh air and the promise of fresh new merchandise in which to rummage, coupled with the best possible company, soon had me feeling good as new. And we got off to a flying start, in the second shop we visited, where I found a copy of a book I have been searching for for a blimming age, in super condition, which I gifted to the boy because I think he will really like it. So that was ace. He, on the other hand, trumped my book-find entirely, by unearthing some rampant and rambunctious records from the back end of beyond, also known as, the tiniest corner of the worlds smallest charity shop. But was it ever fun. Conversely, I now have appreciation on a whole new level for the brilliance of Mini Pops.

I figured it was time to call it a day on the charity shop blitz when I seriously began to consider purchasing some tap shoes. I dance, but I don't dance tap. But they were a very cute shape, and think of the carnage I could cause on the dance floor in those bad boys. I may still go back and buy them....see! this is what preventative shopping does to me...I start to fantasise about buying things I don't even particularly like, all for the sake of being able to throw some money around. Shameful. As yet, I haven't managed to save much money either, and I've just realised, I'm yet to pay off my Topshop card...(but I'm going to now, and then I'm going to relinquish custody of it to the boy...he's very, very good at keeping my spending on track at the moment. Even today, he steered me directly past Topshop with a speed that was quite alarming, bless him).

I also bumped into my uber-stylish friend Kathryn today, whom, together with my other style muse Law, is about to throw a clothes-swapping party. Jackpot! I think the technical term for it is 'swishing', but, hello, as long as I get some new style to play with, I'm all for it. So await a blog all about that in the (hopefully) near future. I also stumbled across a website (thanks Lauren)that will buy your old mobile phone, of which I have many, so that should be helpful in accruing some extra pennies to save. I shall blog all about the outcome ASAP. I must also apologise for the lack of pictorial content right about now, its just that, my laptop is older than time itself, or so it would seem, and clunkier than a 1990's era Platform Trainer. So whilst it has two speeds, 'slow' and 'comatose,' it is choosing to reside in the latter category right now, which proves troublesome for the upload of any snappy snaps. But stay posted, cos they will come in time! Stay Stylish fellow fashion wave-riders, I shall return with more to say in due course. Ciao!
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