Nice Work, If You Can Get It...

So blatently, i'd love to blog all the time, everyday, full time, for the forseeable. But of course, there's this thing, called a credit card bill, (amongst other such formalities) and, until I can find a better job, or figure out HOW I can get paid for doing this, (chance of success: dubious?) then i'll need to stick with my current one, which is, basically, not so bad, but, also basically, not what I want to be doing. BUT! It will pay my bills (kinda) and so until they're paid off, I have to keep up with it.

So to my point: My blogs have been sorta sparse of late, and that's because i'm working a long, loooong stint at the moment....but i'll be back on track again ASAP, promise.

So to keep your appetites whetted: Coming up will be a couple more fash posts, as well as a definitive guide to a successful wardrobe overhaul (Note: its a mission) and, speaking of missions (how topical...I love it when i'm accidentally in context) I'm seriously looking at my budget in these hard times, and have decided henceforth, there will be no more spending for me, for the time being at LEAST (charity shops are exculsion zones, because, like, its recycling, right). And I'm going to have to blog about this, to keep my sanity over it, if nothing else. I'm straight up serious on this, i've even dragged the boy in on it to help me. (Against his better judgement, bless him).

Well, for now at least: Stay on trend, and I'll be back to blog again at the start of next week I hope. Adios! x
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