Barcelona Let's GO!

Barcelona Let's GO!

Barcelona will always hold a special place in my heart because it's the place that Adrian and I went to on our first holiday together. I'd never been on a plane prior to this trip, and whilst I didn't enjoy that part it was amazing to step off the other side and feel the heat and see the sunshine. We went in November and it was surprisingly warm; or maybe I'd just got too used to the weather in the UK because all the Catalan locals were bundled up in scarves and gloves but Adrian and I were in thin tops and I lived in jersey harem trousers the whole holiday (well, it was 2009!)

We only went for a few days and it's surprising what you can pack in during that time. We did all the typical 'touristy' adventures and packed so much in; we went to the Aquarium, Las Ramblas, the beautiful harbourside, Gaudi's house, Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, even the Nou Camp to watch a football game. We definitely came back from the holiday in need of another holiday to recover!

I'd love to go back and revisit the city and visit places that we missed out on the first time. Along with Paris, it's got to be one of my favourite places in the world, it's beautiful, bustling and has a sense of excitement which I loved. I've put together an outfit suitable for exploring the city and I wanted to share it in this post. I chose a flat shoe because we spent the majority of our time exploring the city on foot. The public transport is great and it's lovely to be able to stroll from place to place, especially if the sun's shining and there's a warm breeze!

During my previous visit, we managed to cram in an abundance of adventures but I would love to take in more of the architecture the city has to offer on a return. I love the idea of the Gran Teatre del Liceu, which is a concert hall which looks absolutely magnificent. Maybe we could catch a classical concert, which would be incredible I'm sure. We are hoping to go to Primavera Sound festival next year so this would be a great predecessor!
 In keeping with all things arty, I'd love to visit the Museu Picasso to view some of the famous Artist's early works. I love museums and I think they can really help to add flavour to a city break; you can find out about famous residents, for example, or learn about the history of the place you've come to. The Museu d'Historia de Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter is such a place, adding dexterity to the complex historical background of the city. 
I would also enjoy a few of the other perks that Barcelona has to offer; namely, amazing shopping (look out for the smaller independent boutiques as well as the best Zara in the world) wonderful food, in particular the sweet treats that caught my eye last time we visited ( Kinder egg flavour ice cream, anyone?!) and I would also like to go to the beaches fringing the city edge, as I didn't get the chance to do this last time. I'd dip my toe in the Med before wandering back up into the city for a cocktail and a delicious dinner. Take me back!

Have you ever been to Barcelona?

XO Amie
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