Winter Warmers

The weather has certainly cooled down over the last few days, it's noticeably becoming more winter and less autumn as November tightens its grip! This has got me to thinking about the one serious purchase you make each season-winter coats.

Now, I have a little obsession with coats. I adore them. I love the impact they can make to an outfit, the outside injection of style they bring, and (in terms of practicality) they way they keep you toasty warm! I think it's important for a coat to balance practicality with style, though-what's the point of covering a carefully thought out outfit with a dull or drab coat? It's like Carrie Bradshaw says: "It's like putting ketchup on prime ribs; Stop! you're ruining it!"

So we know coats have to keep us warm and also look good, and what better place to start than Boohoo?  There is a huge selection of winter warmers on the site and I've picked a few of my favourites to share with you. Aren't they all lovely? They range from that gorgeous PU biker style jacket, perfect for evening, to the beautiful boiled wool styles in shades of taupe and blush which are right up my street. I like the luxe touches surrounding these pieces; from a glossy faux fur collar to a glittering inset chain trim, these coats all look so much more expensive than they actually are-not one of the ones I've featured costs over £50. With that in mind, you can be sure to own one (or two!) to suit every outfit and occasion.

Which is your favourite? I am leaning towards that biscuity taupe beauty on the left, those bracelet sleeves are perfection!

All available at BooHoo

XO Amie
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Sophie said...

I love the one with the grey faux fur collar! :) xxx

fashionismyh2o said...

I am the biggest coat obsessive! These are all amazing!


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