Love you Mumma

Mother's day is fast approaching and I always think it's the perfect opportunity to really spoil your mummy. Not that I need an excuse; I would be quite lost without my mum, since moving away from Devon over a year ago the hardest part that I've found is that I don't see my mum every day/every other day like I used to. We still speak every day mind; be it via text, msn or a phone call, but it's not quite the same. So I do like to treat her because not only do I miss her, but she is always there for me and I know if I have any problems of any kind I can pick up the phone and she'll sort me out. 
A floppy old card and bunch of flowers just won't quite cut it these days, I think it's nice to take a bit of time to really source something special for your mum. I have already bought my mum a gift which I hope she'll really like but I have been inspired by the gorgeous pieces available over on the Matalan website. They have some lovely things which can't fail to get you a) inspired and b) totally sorted for a perfect mother's day gift.
I love the black vinyl vintage styled vanity case and this would make a lovely gift, especially if it was filled with her favourite beauty products or some lovely bathroom smellies.I know my mum rarely treats herself to beauty products so how nice to be able to spoil her.
For the gift that keeps on giving; how about the lovely giraffe print tote? My mum is really trendy and I know  she doesn't usually rate animal prints but I think she'd like this bag. It's quite understated and looks luxe and expensive, and the neutral tones mean it would work well with most of her wardrobe. 
Looking ahead to summer, my mum lives in pretty day dresses when the weather heats up, or on holiday. I love the colours of this one by Soon, and I know my mum would too. It would look great with the espadrilles she likes to wear with a little blazer thrown over the top.
If buying a dress is a little too 'out there' for you, why not choose an accessory? No worries about the fit being incorrect or the style not being to her taste; a stylish scarf will always be in vogue. I love the feather print of this one-I'd probably end up stealing it back off her! I've bought my mum a scarf before and she loved it so I am sure this would be a safe bet.
If you liked all these picks you'll also like the fact that they all come in under £25! So you could afford to buy her a couple of pieces! 
In addition, Matalan are offering a discount of 10% if you spend £45 or over from today until Sunday, simply enter SAVE10 at the checkout to take advantage of this offer! So no excuse not to surprise your mum with something lovely!
All these products and more are available at Matalan 
XO Amie
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