Not Sure

Jumper: Topman
Trousers: Primark
Shoes: Dune
Jaguar Belt: Angel Jackson

I bought these trousers from Primark the other day, put them on for a bit and have now decided to return them, I think. I was super keen to buy into the colour blocking trend, but because I am not massive over colour, I worked these with neutrals to prevent them being deadened by acres of black. I think the reason I want to return them is because they feel so hideously cheap, the sort of fabric that gives you static shocks, and I don't think the cut is all that flattering, which I didn't really notice until I checked my pictures. Notice there are no back shots-these make my butt look like a blancmange and I didn't feel the need to share that! I hate it when I find something that I think will be really useful in my wardrobe and then it ends up looking bloody awful! Oh well, not to mind! I am sure it means I am destined to find something better!
Have you ever tried a trend and then just thought, 'no?' 
XO Amie
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Kitty said...

I know the feeling, i bought some maroon leggings from primark after i saw a couple of other girls wearing them and looking great... but i couldnt find anything to wear them with and they just didnt look as nice on me!

however I think your trousers are super cute, love the colour. the leopard shoes and the belt go so well xx

Vix said...

Much better to return them than persevere and waste your money. The colour's nice and I love how you're wearing them but I can see the lining of the pockets from the outside which makes them look cheap and you're far too classy and fabulous for that. xxx

Celia said...

I love the colour of the trousers on you but poor material is always the death of an item for me, I'd definitely give another shop a go and look for a similar colour :) x

Stephanie said...

Lovelovelove your shoes!

Alexandra said...

These look great on you, I wouldn't take them back

Claudia Kitten said...

I love the colour of the trousers and the belt!
Claudia xxx

Unknown said...

Love the pants! Perfecto colour! xxxx

Abi Tottenham-Smith said...

cool outfit, love the trousers, i need some like that! xx

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