Not Sure

Jumper: Topman
Trousers: Primark
Shoes: Dune
Jaguar Belt: Angel Jackson

I bought these trousers from Primark the other day, put them on for a bit and have now decided to return them, I think. I was super keen to buy into the colour blocking trend, but because I am not massive over colour, I worked these with neutrals to prevent them being deadened by acres of black. I think the reason I want to return them is because they feel so hideously cheap, the sort of fabric that gives you static shocks, and I don't think the cut is all that flattering, which I didn't really notice until I checked my pictures. Notice there are no back shots-these make my butt look like a blancmange and I didn't feel the need to share that! I hate it when I find something that I think will be really useful in my wardrobe and then it ends up looking bloody awful! Oh well, not to mind! I am sure it means I am destined to find something better!
Have you ever tried a trend and then just thought, 'no?' 
XO Amie
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