Rocking Chair

Cardigan, Trousers: Vintage
Stripe Tee: The Gap
Shearling Shoe Boots: ASOS White

I took these pictures in our spare room. It's a small affair but quite cosy, and has become an impromptu music storage facility for all Adrians guitars! My favourite part of the room is this rocking chair which belonged to Adrian's grandparents. It's really beautiful and very comfortable! I love to just sit and chill out in it. I put up the curtains all by myself (if you were aware of my domesticity levels prior to moving in with Adrian this would definitely elicit applause.) I love love loveeeee the colour, and the heavy velvet gorgeousness of them. I don't know where they're from, I sharked them from my mumma (rather, she offered them to us when we moved and I snapped them up.) They're so much nicer than the vile purple monstrosities that hang in our living room-utterly disgusting but necessary because a) we have a huge living room window and b) I don't want to spend money on curtains which may not fit the windows of our next home. Old purps came with the flat, and they'll be staying here when we leave!
My trousers are the most amaze vintage pair by Pop 1984 and they're super high waisted, tapered and hit me right on the ankle: aka, Amie's perfect trousers. I love them. They're also pinstriped charcoal wool, so will be lovely and warm for the coming months. I found them in a charity shop, cumbersomely coupled up with a matching jacket, irritatingly marked XS but actually that fit more like an XL. I decided that a power suit was just all sorts of wrong on my small frame (the jacket alone came to below my knees and made me look like Dick Tracy meets Wall Street) So, after I scat the jacket, the trousers became totes more wearable and I think the combo together cost £6 ish so not a massive amount of money for a pair of perfect pegs. 
The cardi was one of my grandmothers which I re-found during the great wardrobe sort out of last week. It has little gold rose shaped buttons and a collar-I think it's so pretty and it's really warm! I put a stripy tee under it and turned the cuffs back to make it a little more relevant for today. It might be cashmere, I'm not sure but it's incredibly soft. There's no lables of any kind inside so I don't know how I should wash it-I'm sure I have washed it before, but can't for the life of me remember if this was by hand or the usual way-bung it in the machine and hope for the best. Any advice?
What else to share with you? I've finally bought some A/W work uniform and, unlike my last purchases, there's not a jot of black! Rather the colour palette I've chosen features mustard, navy and camel. Yuuuuum! I am liking the heritage trend which I did a little spin on in a blog post a few days ago-I really feel like wrapping up in cable knits, cords, silk, faux fur, angora, cashmere and topping it all off with a felt hat. I want a floppy, 70's style one in camel-where can I find such a thing?!
Finally on the outfit front: My shearling shoe boots. These  were an ASOS White sale buy. They were £120 reduced to £28; they're almost too beautiful to wear (along with being totes higher than I'm used too these days.) Love them all the same!
Do you like my hair? I've dug out my doughnut ring, for days when I can't be bothered to do a proper hair style, this is such a quick and easy way to make your hair look good :)
XO Amie
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Princess and the pea x said...

Hey angel, loving the hair muchos suits you. Fab pics love the rocking chair. I have seen lots of camel/beige floppy hats they had a great one in Primark, also in Dorothy perkins and on Asos. Sadly they are all too big for my pea head xoxo

Rachella - said...

cute pics

Polly said...

Love the boots!

Ashley said...

LOVe the sherling booties ! SO perfect for autumn x

Kelly said...

I LOVE those trousers.

As for the sweater... if in doubt, hand wash! I threw a non-labeled soft sweater in the wash once that (oops) apparently had a percentage of wool. It came out looking like a doll's sweater, even when I stretched it out to dry :)

Lisette Pool - 24/7 STYLISH said...

cute outfit and wow love the guitar where is it from?

anyways nice blog, would you like to follow each other ?


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