Cords: The Gap
Knit: See by Chloe
Blouse: Sainsburys
Shoes: Vintage, (thrifted)
Stack Ring: ASOS White
Sapphire Rings: Vintage (gifts from Adrian)

This literally feels like the first opportunity I've had in ages to sit and write a proper blog post! By the time I got in last night, I barely had time to quickly show you my shark tooth necklace before Adrian got in from work with a chinese takeaway (I know I'm spoilt haha) and we watched Finding Nemo (which I'd never seen before!) followed by Big Brother and bed-what a rock & roll Saturday night (not!) but actually my very favourite kind. These days I can't think of anything I'd rather do less than get in from work, only to go straight back out again-must be my age! I did actually go out last weekend with Adrian and a group of our friends for our pal Darren's birthday, which was fun but I was pleased to be back to our usual routine this weekend!
So with the change of weather from tropical to autumnal, I've had a big overhaul of my wardrobe. My summer clothes have been unceremoniously packed away, filling only 3 small boxes which was a big surprise to me as I thought I had more than that. Oh well-it was a nice surprise! I can't believe that this time last week I was eating my lunch outside in a sleeveless top and sandals-that's all changed almost overnight as I'm finding I'm needing proper pajamas to sleep in and slipper socks on my feet; no more padding about the flat barefoot, my toes just get too chilled!
In my extreme wardrobe clearout I identified some gaps in my existing collection of clothing that I need to fill. All my trousers are black, bar one pair of navy ones my mum gave me-so I wanted to get some lighter coloured ones. Ah, but what about those Zara beige chino's you wear so much, I hear you ask? Well, I only bent over in them the other day and split them up the butt seam! How embarrassing. So now that they're off to the recycling centre, a new autumn trouser is called for, and the reply comes in the form of these tapered cord trousers from The Gap. I love the colour and the chunky 70's style material, plus I don't have a pair of cords so I will wear these a lot this winter, I predict. 
I haven't bought anything else at all except a long line merino cardigan in camel which I quite like but think I will be returning (I can't afford it!) and a pair of trainers. Yes, you read correctly-I have now taken ownership of a pair of trainers. YUCK! They're absolutely disgusting and are of the 'easytone' weird sole variety but there is a reason behind my purchasing them: Adrian and I are starting to go running together (in manner of  TOWIE's Lyds and Arg, of course) to try and get fitter. Neither of us really needs to lose weight, but I'd like to tone up a bit as in the 10 months since I left the North Devon countryside my regular exercise routine has gone out the window. I used to attend a couple of classes a week (step aerobics, hips bums&tums, body barre, that sort of thing) and I danced for around 3 hours a week, a mixture of contemporary street dance and ballroom & latin which I miss desperately. Being new to the city and not really knowing where to go to attend classes, or having any girlfriends to go with, I've stopped the high energy exercise I used to do in favour of yoga (which I can do in my front room) which I love, and feel the benefits of, but I am missing the buzz of proper 'exercise.' We went for our first run the other morning and I managed a circuit of the block without stopping, which I was quite impressed with. My fugly trainers were not only super comfortable (I had to grudgingly admit this!) but the following day my bum, thighs and calves had the pleasant ache of muscles well worked out. I'm going to try and keep the running up a couple of times a week if I can; apart from the initial outlay for the trainers (£15, TK Maxx) it's free and nice to be able to spend even more time with Adrian (can't imagine he would come to a step class, ha!) even if he is much better at running than me and goes for another lap after I have given up! He has started playing 5 a side football one night a week so it's beneficial for his fitness too. We didn't want to turn into a pair of couch potatoes so it's good to be able to do something about this without the commitment of joining a gym or anything.
Oh yes I also wanted to show you the shoes I got from last Sunday's vintage jumble sale in town (£5, I love them) and a brilliant charity shop find from earlier in the week-I'm on a bit of an interior decorating bender at  the moment but having very limited funds I've been scouring the chazzers for inspiration. I found this gorgeous blanket (the cords are leaning on it!) in my local chaz for £2, it's almost exactly the same as a Laura Ashley one I've been coveting which cost £80. I also found a very Emma Bridgewater-alike biscuit barrel for £2, so all in all-a successful trip! I am now on the hunt for a desk that Adrian and I can both use, Adrian has a small computer table at the moment but I'd really like a proper desk to write at; not a flimsy metal or chipboard thing but a really heavy, decent, old fashioned desk. I grabbed a John Lewis catalogue for inspiration and have found a couple I like, but at ridiculous prices so I'll be using them for inspiration whilst I look round the local reclamation yards and of course eBay.
Do you like my new earrings? My mum sent them to me the other week along with a jumper she found for me which is very Versace-like and interesting. I love the earrings, they're so retro, in a Pat Butcher kind of way! They're clip ons too, how cool!
XO Amie
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