Welcome to my home....Part 2: The Bedroom [pt.2]

Cripes! Promise this is it for bedroom photo's today! It's funny the amount of stuff I have crammed into such a tiny space! The thing is, it all has it's uses or is just really nice to look at so...it stays!
Hope you can get the idea of layout a little better now. You'll notice I have finally sorted out a decent sized day bag; I caved and bought a Longchamp Le Pliage in the large size in black. I now want a medium sized one in navy; will my bag obsession see no end?!
What else to tell you? well, you can see Adrian's bedside table, his is a lovely folding affair in a much darker wood which I think suits him well. I love how each side of our bedroom has it's own character; he has hid things on his side (such as a card I gave him, and a colourchanging T-Rex light) and I have my things on mine (evidently, lots of pots and chintzy china.) Far from being schizophrenic, this gives the room a lovely personality and makes every little thing stand out as being different. Well, we were never going to have his'n'hers matching showroom bedside tables, were we! I think that's the rub of being creative (Adrian is an illustrator, I like fashion and dabbling in the written word....) that nothing is ever plain and simple-we like to have a lot of 'stuff' and most of it has a tale to tell.
The rose glass pot I found in a charity shop for 75p and now keep earrings in. I keep most of my jewellery in little vintage dishes, bowls or cups-there seems to be a theme developing! I love vintage crockery and always buy novelty mugs from charity shops-all the time. I can't resist them! I usually keep a pad and pen by my bed to write down any dreams I have, I bought this Emma Bridgewater 'black toast' set in the John Lewis clearance sale. The huge dreamcatcher was a present from my mum, I lost mine in the house move and so she sent me this one as a replacement. The vintage vanity cases were my Grandmothers and I use them as jewellery-overspill storage; they fit perfectly on the bottom crossbar of the Habitat 'Alexis' clothing rail I invested in a few weeks ago.
I always have a pile of books by my bed-I am such a bookworm. I am currently reading 'The Orchard on Fire' which my mum recommended and have just finished The Lovely Bones. I keep a pot of Burts Bees hand cream by my bed too, which I normally use before bed to keep my mitts nourished. The gorgeous vintage clock on my bedside table was also my Grandmothers-she had it when she was a girl and it's the most beautiful thing. It still works but needs winding and it even has an alarm! It's just lovely.
I hope you've enjoyed this trip around our bedroom! come on then-show me yours!
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Vix said...

More gorgeousness! Loving Adrian's bedside table, it looks Indian and it's beautiful. I love that cute cat on your lovely wooden chest of drawers, too.
Thanks for sharing! x

fashion and frank said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment - very much appreciated - you have a lovely home - liked the back story too x


Danielle Kristie Sharp said...

Your room is so cute! Also, I wish mine was that tidy! Haha, thinking we should follow each other! Check out my blog and let me know :o)


Tanyabell said...

Great photos!

Lidiya said...

Your bedroom is gorgeous, I love all the photos of the little things that makes you room unique! :)

Alexandra said...

I love these posts, your home looks so cosy!!!

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