Welcome to my home....Part 2: The Bedroom [pt.1]

Phew! Sorry, mega loads of pictures in this post, and this is only the half of them but I didn't want to make it too boring so I am going to split these pics over 2 posts, so you can decide whether to read on or not bother depending how fussed you are on interiors! I think I might have mentioned before that I've only recently become interested in interior design, it's always been something I've liked (I mean, who doesn't like looking at beautiful homes?!) but until Adrian and I moved into our own place I'd never really been overly interested in making my own home look special. Now we have our own place, that's changed and I am very lucky in that Adrian is the sort of boyfriend who is always happy to come chazza lootin' for home garb, and he always dutifully follows me to Ikea to do lifting and carrying and suchlike. Also he is excellent at putting things together, furniture wise. We both have a love for old, vintage furniture and we have a few lovely pieces in our home, but for affordability Ikea can't be beat. When we win the lottery I dream of spending up in the Conran shop and mixing edgy and modern pieces with junk shop and salvaged treasures. This epitomises our style; a heady mix of old and new. You may have seen the post I did on our bathroom; I've never lived with a boy before and as such, I wanted our home to reflect both our tastes. I love a bit of Cath Kidston and I adore Orla Kierly but I wanted to make sure that this was 'our' home and not just 'my' home; so I have tried to create a decent mix of masculine and feminine pieces within our range of decor. So no pastels (except a few in our kitchen, which were my doing!) no pink (well, not too much!) and theme wise I tried to keep within our quirky, original and fairly androgynous style scheme-something that suits us both.
This is our bedroom. We chose the first room off the living area as our main bedroom because it gets the majority of the light, our guestroom (read: junk room, dressing room, dumping ground) is towards the back of the block of flats and so tends to be a little darker and I believe it is also slightly smaller, so we don't use it as much. The room is a basic rectangular shape, painted in a pale cream. We rent, so we can't hang pictures or posters on the wall unfortunately; I'd love to be able to show you groovy wall spaces and I have plenty of things I'd love to hang up but for the time being they have to suffice being propped against walls rather than pinned onto them.
We have a kingsize double divan bed which was Adrian's originally; I have a leather backed sleigh bed which we were going to bring when we moved but I was able to store it at my mum and dads house, and Adrian had nowhere to store his bed so it would have meant getting rid of it. We would like to keep both as they're really useful and the divan has drawers underneath which are handy as we haven't much storage space. When we eventually move back to Devon I'm sure we'll regain the sleigh bed which we have nicknamed 'cloud bed' as it is so comfortable, it's like sleeping in a cloud (I imagine!) Whenever we go home we sleep in it as it's currently stored at my parent's house in their spare room. It was the first piece of 'real' furniture I ever bought for my old place, it cost quite a bit but I spent ages deliberating over buying it because I really wanted something that would last me for years, whilst not dating in style, and this won't ever do that. I could put it in our bedroom right now and it would work really well with all our current decor. 
The stripy bedspread was (I think) bought from Asda or somwhere equally as uncool-the one thing about having a kingsize bed is that you really get stung with bedding prices, the jump from a double bed set to a king bed set is really quite alarming! I think Asda had this set on special offer and so I snapped it up-the colours (if the photo editor have washed them out) are chocolate brown, beige and pale blue. It's feminine without being girlie and makes the bed the perfect feature of the room.
I had a Next voucher left over from Christmas when I did some blogging for them. I tried to spend it a few times in store but felt really uninspired so never did, and I am really glad of that because (as I'm sure you'll know) they went into sale yesterday. I bought the two faded blue union jack cushions, the huge furry throw (I was after a blanket, but we already have a brightly coloured one and I thought this was nice as it was a little different-it's satin backed and supersoft) and a bedside lamp-something I've been looking for for ever. The whole lot came in at just over £60 and I still have some money left on my voucher. I was really looking for some new bedlinen as ours is, to be fair, a little tired-but I couldn't find any a) that I liked or b) that would be suitable for a kingsized bed. I'd like to get the Laura Ashley set I blogged about the other day but I just can't afford it, so I am going to have to look at other options-Asda again, maybe?!
And what about the other things in our room? The tub chair was my Grandmothers, I adore it and it only has a ratty throw over the top as I am scared of damaging the original rosebud fabric underneath. The berry coloured cushions were a housewarming gift from Adrians brother and his wife-aren't they lovely? They're also handmade too which makes them all the nicer.
The two big pieces of furniture-the mirrored dresser and the chest of drawers-are vintage and belonged to Adrians family. I think the same goes for his bedside table (pictures in the next post.) Again, nothing matches-my bedside table is a little glass topped occasional that belonged to my Grandmother but it's big and I like to be able to have lots of bits and bobs on my night table. Books, cuppa, lamp, you know, the essentials.
The vintage suitcase is Adrians and is used for storage-I am always on the look out for more as I think these look fab stacked up as an alternative to a chest of drawers. The extremely Luella-esque pony print throw was from Primark of all places-I can't resist a decent horse print, and the colours seem to work well in our space. We have a television in our bedroom but it's not a freeview one (or if it is, we can't get it to pick up any channels!) but it does have a built in DVD player so we often retire to bed to watch something on the box. I am currently working my way through my Sex and the City collection so I always have a copy to hand. We have also recently joined LoveFilm so it's nice to be able to chill with a good movie now and then.
The toys dotted about are remnants of my childhood-I'm not one of those people who has a million soft toys but the droopy looking pooch is called Doughnut and I've had him since I was a dot, also the Minnie Mouse is particularly special as she has no nose, because my old dog Sophie chewed it off when she was a puppy. I always think of her when I look at that poor noseless Minnie Mouse!
The cup and saucer on my bedside table is from Habitat, it's bonkers but I loved the gorgeous tiger etching and the gold paintwork. I bought it to use but decided it was too beautiful to get all stained so I put my rings and watch in it each evening before bed. Not what it was intended for I guess, but I like it being there!It's made by Concetta Gallo for Habitat and is limited edition.
Hope you like the journey so far...more to come in the next post, but I'll totes understand if you wanna give it a miss!
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Vix said...

Amie, it's a beautiful room, full of eclectic and interesting things and despite you only being there a short time you've done brilliantly at creating a really homely place.
Our beds are both kingsize, too. I've only got a handful of duvet covers I've had years but I invested in quality pieces (bought from LaRedoute, using some discount codes I found online) and haven't needed a new one for years. Matalan's Egyptian cotton sheets are also a brilliant investment.
Adrian's vintage Revelation case is identical to one we've got. It's the perfect size for car booting paperbacks.
Can't wait to see more. x

Unknown said...

OMG is that a Sad Sam cuddly (very well loved!) that I saw in one of the top pics??? I had Sad Sam and didn't he have a little girlfriend called Honey? I'm way older than you though so perhaps I'm totally wrong...

Anyhow, love, gorgeous bedroom you've got there. Am definitely visiting part 2 (and checking out your bathroom post - I can't have been following you then as I missed it).

Thanks for popping over to mine!
Nicki xx

Kelsey said...

Hi! I just found your blog through The Fashion Worshiper. I've only checked out this post so far but I look forward to exploring more. Your home looks so lovely! Just a quick suggestion - if you're not able to nail pictures and art into your wall maybe you could try adhesive hooks. I used them when I was in dorms in my first year of school. They come in lots of sizes and they don't leave any marks at all.

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