Welcome to my home! Part One...the smallest room in the house.....

Wow, this is totally picture heavy! Sorry everyone! If you're not into interiors, please feel free to skip right along! 
I've only in the last couple of years really got interested in interior decor. Moving into our own flat, Adrian and I are loving making the space our own, though we are limited as we rent at the moment. So this means: no painting, no drilling, no pictures on walls, and no built-in storage. But what are these things but problems to overcome, no? And I know that when we do own our own property eventually we will relish in the possibilities of 'proper' decoration.
I would say that our interior style is quite chic, retro and vintage inspired-I don't like to use the term 'shabby chic' as I think it's a bit overrated and conjours up images of countryside chocolate box cottages but I do believe you can lift from the theme to add interest to even modern looking spaces. Our flat was decorated very simply when we moved in-eggshell walls, beige carpet, in short, the perfect blank canvas for us to let our creativity abound.
I thought it would be quite nice to do a little feature series showing off aspects of our home. I'll begin with our smallest room....our teeny tiny bathroom. Now, in my dream home, my bathroom would look like one of my closest held memories; my late grandmother's bathroom in the house they used to live in in Kent. The house was a huge, rambling affair with, I believe, around 7 bathrooms. It was MASSIVE. My favourite bathroom, where I'd sit and watch my grandmother do her hair, was adjacent to the master bedroom of the house, and I remember it being very decadent-all dark burgundies and deep pinks with a semi circle bath set up on a raised platform towards the back of the room. I loved sitting on the step chatting to my grandmother (Mammon) and revelling in all the scents and sounds; the Elnette hairspray she used to wind her waist length hair into a glamourous chignon every morning mixed with the smoke from her cigarette trailing from her fingertips. The bathroom had huge glass jars on display containing soaps from all over the world that my Mammon had picked up on her travels, the colours and smells were intoxicating to little me and I was fascinated with them. If I had been particularly well behaved I was allowed to choose one to keep, which was a very difficult affair as there were so many, and in exotic shapes and colours such as I had never seen before.
So yes, my dream bathroom would certainly have these elements and it would be less a bathroom, more a boudoir in which I could relax, unwind and get ready for the day or ready for the evening. As you can imagine, in a 2 bedroomed flat a spacious bathroom is hardly atop the priorities list and so this is what we have-a small, rectangular shaped room with a white suite inbuilt and that's about it. No cabinets, though we do have a small bathroom shelf.
One of my paragons of style would have to be Miss Carrie Bradshaw and not only in a fashion sense-I love Carrie's apartment through the series and I was lucky enough to be gifted the books of the Sex and the City films and these contain detailed shots of her apartments so I liked to use these for inspiration and reference. She's very feminine in a non-girlie way and this is very much to my taste; I love a slightly off kilter, eclectic look. I dream of owning a roll-top bath (doesn't everyone?!) but a modern bathroom does have it's advantages. We have a bath with a shower over which means we have options which is always nice! I don't like the big white shower unit on the wall but what can you do! This bathroom wasn't made for me, but we have maaged to put our own stamp on it, which can be hard in a rented property without making damaging changes.
Since we have no cabinets, I used a lidded rattan basket on the floor to store bathroom essentials-you know, plasters, makeup remover, tablets etc. It's quite handy to have this because it's pretty out the way and hides all the gubbins that I wouldn't necessarily want on show. Obviously if you have kiddies something like this would be useless as they'd be in it like a shot, but since we don't, we can get away with having it there although I always have to make sure the bathroom door is fully closed when my best friend brings her 2 year old daughter round. I have a lot of scented candles in here too because I like to have a candle lit soak every now and then :) They're all hot pink which is the colour element I added over the more muted tones of beige, cream, baby blue and burgundy. I think a pop of neon can really modernise a look which otherwise might look a little twee.
My soap pump was bought from Habitat and was quite expensive but it's really weighty and looks lovely. I'd shopped around for a soap dispenser for ages but all the ones I found were  really 'fake vintage' in that they had loads of 'vintage style' drawing or writing on them which was a counterpoint because it made them look really modern. I also didn't want white because our tooth mug is off white and whilst I am not into matching, I thought the colours should at least complement each other, and I wasn't sure if white would be too artificial. The metal on the pump is brushed too so it isn't too shiny!
The tooth mug is an actual coffee cup which Adrian found in one of our local charity shops for 50p. We both love birds and the blue swallows work perfectly in the bathroom. So there is has stayed!
The landry basket was a bargainous eBay purchase and cost just 99p. I've found eBay is quite good for random homewares if they're not too big-furniture can end up costing a fortune to have sent but then if you're paying less overall than you would in a shop, then it's probably worth doing.
The duckboard came from a bathroom store I think and the magnifying mirror is Adrians which I used to use all the time before, when he lived with 2 other boys-you can imagine, mirrors weren't a high priority in a 3 boy household! The plant is a pansy that my mum planted for me and then gave me when we moved away. It's doing better than it looks but dismally compared to it's compadre's which are relishing the Devon sunshine and good soil. But it's learnt it adapt to city life!
The printed dressing gown was my other Grandmothers and I love it, it's so unusual and great for summer as it is lightweight. I bought the 'paper chain' hanging hooks from Homebase I think-somewhere particularly un-trendy but when you rent, things like this are invaluable as you can't physically drill hooks into the door without getting told off! I've seen a similar one in Next with large glass balls on the ends of the hooks, which I think I will buy for our bedroom. I am lusting after a coat stand I've seen in Habitat, which would be another good storage solution for coats and hats (between us we have loads-I am an obsessive jacket buyer, so it seems!)
So this is our bathroom. What do you guys think? Hope you like it-what inspires your interior decor?
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Rachel said...

I love having all my bottles lined up neatly in my bathroom like in your pictures - you have some great products!

Vix said...

I love interiors even more so than I do clothes! You've done a grand job of your bathroom, it looks chic yet homely. Your Grandmother's wrap is beautiful, she sounds like she was a tremendously stylish lady.
You write beautifully, Amie. Your words are beautifully thought out and very evocative. xxx

Mikko Tyllinen said...

Fantastic pictures! Ilove the warm atmosphere! Very beautiful!

Megan said...

I love your blog. Your bathroom is too cute. I also loved reading your memories about your grandmother. She sounded very glamorous! My hubby and I are very transatlantic right now going back and forth between our houses in England and the US. I am currently in England at our little house here and am going through interior design and decorating blogs to get some project ideas for our place, particularly, our second bathroom upstairs as it's tiny!

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

i adore this post! i just love to see what people's homes look like. your bathroom is lovely!


Alexandra said...

Your house looks super cute, cant wait to see more!

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