Just for the little 'uns....

Now, I've not got children of my own, though I do hope to be lucky enough to have them one day. My very best friend, whom I met aged 12 at my first day of high school, has a two year old daughter on whom I dote. She is adorable in every way, articulate and intelligent just like her mum. I was made super happy yesterday when she sent me through a little picture via text message; it was a scan picture revealing that my bestie is now expecting her second baby! How exciting! 
This got me to thinking about fashion bloggers with littlies. It was my friend's daughters birthday yesterday (the same day as her mums-talk about a birthday present!) and I bought her a few little bits and bobs-it's so easy to buy for nippers as there are SO many cute outfits, accessories and toys to peruse. Over on Spartoo I stumbled across another great gift opportunity-a lovely pair of shoes!
It is hard to buy shoes for young ones as developing and growing feet need to be well looked after. The beauty of an online store is that it is so easy to share ideas; I would quite happily forward a few links of styles I liked to my friend, to see if she'd think any of the pairs would be suitable for her daughter, before committing to buy. Alternatively Spartoo offer a great return service (Free, up to 30 days!) so anything that isn't quite right can be easily sent back. This is great for parents as well, as we all know it can be difficult buying online but the extensive photographs of all the shoes at different angles and a detailed description of the product really helps.
Spartoo have a fab selection of shoes suitable for boys and girls-check them out here.
Do you have children, and would you buy their shoes online?
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Jelisaveta Đukanović said...

Nice! :)

If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :)

Kelsey said...

I don't have any little ones to buy shoes for at the moment but I adore the miniature versions of adult styles that are now available! I can never resist picking them up in the store.

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