A day to dress up.

Sunglasses: Vintage, gifted from Vix
Blouse: Vintage via The Cherry Closet
Trousers: Topshop
Shoes: Staccato
Watch, Rings: Vintage
Cuff: Vintage
I'm so far out of my comfort zone here I'm practically on the other side, but when the gorgeous Nicki of The Cherry Closet sent me a box of clothes to review, I knew I'd have to wear this blouse even though it's not my normal style. I decided to pair it with these palazzo trousers which I have only worn twice, since the colours work well together and the style is altogether quite glam. I feel very 'Carrie at Studio 54' in these, kind of a mix between a 'Bianca Jagger' style look with a modern twist and a swinging 60's clublife vibe. I don't know; but I like it!

Normally I wouldn't wear anything with such an abstract pattern but the vibrant colours work really well against the flat slippery satin trews. I am also sporting a wonderful pair of vintage sunnies sent to me by my lovely blogger friend (and vintage style touchstone) Vix. Aren't they cute? Normally I'd wear these with a cream chiffon blouse and a pair of slouchy peg trousers so you can probably see how different this sort of a look is for me.

I have spent a relaxed day by myself today-Adrian is at work (which is why outdoorsy outfit posts have gone slightly awry....I'm minus a photographer!) so in the morning I caught the bus into the City with him, schlepped round the shops for an hour or so, and visited the Bristol Museum to catch their latest exhibit on the work of Beryl Cook. Cook is not an artist I usually rate but I'll doff my hat to the woman-stylish and hardworking and actually produced some bloody good paintings; some quite saucy and some, actually, quite tender and nostalgic. She passed away a couple of years ago and I always like to check out exhibitions like this because I never know when I'll get the next chance to see them again. I also studied Cook for A Level Art so it's always interesting to revisit artists when I'm not in a 'study' frame of mind, I find I can enjoy the exhibits a bit more this way.

The sales threw up no bargains for me today save a solid eyeliner pot and 2 rather lovely eyeshadows from the Topshop makeup range, which I'll try and show you tomorrow. I'm really rather disappointed with all the sales this year, though my bank balance is eternally grateful I'm sure.

Heading home I was stopped by 2 charity fundraisers. Now, don't get me wrong, I am happy to give to charity, but I like to do this on my own terms. No offence to any charity fundraisers out there, but being  approached, heckled, shouted at and asked to give out my bank details on the high street is a sure fire way to make my blood boil. Unfortch I find it hard to be rude to people (honest!) and since a friend of mine was a charity fundraiser (for 3 weeks!) I kind of have the inside info on how they work. Don't feel sorry for them; they're getting paid about £10 an hour (bare in mind I am paid miminum wage and I have to 'sell' products at the cashpoint of the shop I work in, so I'm pretty sure I face a similar level of abuse daily) and they actually do better than you'd think; in the experience of my friend, if your targets weren't met two weeks running, you faced the boot. So charity fundraisers are either very good, or very desperate at the point they stop you. I'm digressing because the point of this story is how one of them stopped me: (or tried to) by hollering, 'Oi, Beautiful! Come over here and talk to me.' Ok, number 1, if I wanted to be spoken to like that I'd wear a short dress and go to a nightclub, and number 2, I'm not narcissistic enough to believe that this chap actually thought I was in any way good looking (I was in the grip of a hot sweat at the time, sunglasses sliding down my nose, the whole bit) but I believe he was following the old adage that flattery gets you everywhere. Get a grip mate! He wasn't so forthcoming when I told him to bugger off (I didn't, of course, I told him I was in an awful rush [not true, I hate that I am forced to lie! Surely I should just say, no thanks, I don't want to have a word?!] I can't help that it's not really in my nature to be rude) So that's two lies I had to tell today (the first fundraiser plonked himself squarely in my path and before I could stop myself I gave him a huge grin and told him I was already signed up. I am definitely going to get spots on my tongue.) Thanks charity muggers! 

What are your experiences of these fundraisers? I do feel a bit sorry for them (despite my contradictory words above!) sometimes because it must be the worst way to try to make a living, but at least they're trying....I couldn't do it, I know that much!

Hope you've all had a lovely day. Ooh and don't forget to have a look at The Cherry Closet website if you fancy helping yourself to a spot of affordable vintage garb!

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Vix said...

Don't get me started on those chuggers! They are so embarrassing and really think they've got the gift of the gab. I don't spend a penny in Starbucks so their usual opening gambit is futile.
Love this outfit, those trousers are cut beautifully and the blouse is a stunner. I'm glad you like the glasses, I love them on you.
Beryl Cook, I'd forgotten all about her art. It really conjured up british life and humour. x

Kate said...

Very cool outfit - you look like your from the 60s/70s, it's brilliant!

I'm also not a fan of charity fundraisers, a while ago one tried to get my attention by screaming after me as I walked past 'you've dropped your purse' - it really bothered me because for a moment I actually thought my bag was open I'd dropped it. I got so annoyed at them for making me feel like that when I was just minding my own business! I give to charities that I want to give to, I don't want to be pushed into it!


Nicki's Notebook said...

Not your normal style?! - girl you are rocking this!!!!!! xx

Lidiya said...

This outfit is so so fabulous!! i ADORE your top and trousers, the combination is so vintage - I love it <3 xoxo

Hailie said...

I know exactly how you feel, and agree totally. Only yesterday I lied to a poor guy and told him I already donated to his charity, then I felt awful for lying. It must be a really hard job to do, but like you said, they get a paid pretty well for it! :)

the nyanzi report said...

love this outfit.

Alexandra said...

LOVE this outfit. So 70's chic!!!!

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