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Dress: Vintage, c/o The Cherry Closet Shoes: Clarks Key Ring: House of Harlow Single Earring: Primark
This fabulous dress comes c/o The Cherry Closet-I mentioned them yesterday but if you haven't checked them out yet I can't recommed them highly enough.
I am so loving this vintage dress today. I worked in the morning (6.45am!) and then afterwards I bought a Father's day pressie for my Daddy and then came on home, I couldn't wait to change into this dress and waft about the house like Carrie Bradshaw. Yes I am a little obsessed. I don't want to be her but I think every girl has a little style crush on her at some point in their lives! Perhaps mine's just lasted longer than everyone elses! I think because when I first started watching Sex and the City I had only kind of just discovered my confidence with fashion, and Miz Bradshaw took this and ran a mile with it. She was definitely an early fashion inspiration-along with my mum and my late grandmothers! I have a very, very stylish heritage, so I try to do it justice when I can.

Our home is really starting to come together nicely now. Today I picked up a gorgeous pale pink utensils tin in my local chazzer for just £2. Our kitchen is quite shabby chic, mismatched and a little quirky in colours of blue, cream and pink. The table I am sitting at is our kitchen table which we picked up in Ikea for only £29. We bought two sleek black plastic chairs to give the pine a bit of edge-we felt pine chairs might be a bit Laura Ashley...I am waiting for payday to buy two more but at the time we bought the first two, we could only afford those. They're only about £12 each and really comfy to sit on despite being plastic. They're quite directional and stylish and are a nice juxtaposition to the classic pine table. I found our cream and pink embroidered table cloth in a charity shop for £2.25 and it's lovely, and much more unique than anything shop bought, I think. 

Notice our stuffed bookshelf? Adrian and I are both great readers, though Adrian is using his Kindle app on his phone more and more these days, which makes sense I suppose as books do take up a lot of room-most of mine are still at my mum and dads-but I love nothing more than snuggling down with a cuppa and a good read on a rainy afternoon. I've just finished 'The Lovely Bones' and an now chomping at the bit to get stuck into something else. Any recommendations?!
You'll notice me rocking the Clarks Boutique Tribute Act shoes from Mondays post here. I can't get enough of them and can show them off a bit better now that I've given myself a mini-pedi. My varnish is Barry M in Mushroom, which is a dead ringer for that Chanel Particulere polish but at a snip of the price.

Same on my fingers!
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xxShivvyxx said...

Have you read One Day or The Time Traveller's Wife? If you liked Lovely Bones then i think you'll like both of them! xxShivvyxx

Lauren said...

I'd recommend 'Room' by Emma Donaghue. It's a great book!

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