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I am often asked who inspires me within the blogosphere. I have always loved fashion and writing, and for me, a blog is the most perfect way to voice my opinions and fashionable moments to a wider audience. I would keep writing my blog even if I had only one follower who read it; the idea that someone reads what I write and enjoys it is incredible, if a little unbelievable at times!
There are a couple of women who stand out to me as my greatest inspirations and I just wanted to dedicate a space on my blog to them. They are both very different and inspire me for varying reasons but they are both just incredible and you definitely need to get to know them.
First up is the wonderful Natalie Hartley. This supreme stylista works as an, um, Stylist and not only always looks incredible, but gets everyone else to look that way too. I'm sure that you will have seen some of her work as she has styled many shoots and lookbooks for brands such as River Island and Coast, has worked for Elle and at the Sunday Times Style (where her column Natalie Hartley Wears was a) where I first discovered her and b) the first page I would finger-sprint to on a Sunday morning to coo with envy over her outfit, then try and find some way to copy it.) 
Natalie is now Senior Fashion Editor at Instyle UK magazine. She epitomises front row chic, looking equally sexy, street and urban with an edgy twist and always, always, one step ahead of the fashion game. Her blog is right here on blogspot and deserves checking out and following-it is busting full of tips on how to look good on a budget and she frequently sports the most fantastic high street pieces in a completely original way. She is a true icon in my opinion, a lady who is not only a driving force in fashion but also a trailblazer in the business, championing accessible style for all.


Next, we have the wonderful Bibi Lynch. If you are a regular reader of Grazia you'll recognise her from the column she writes for the magazine, which reads in the way I always hoped my own writing would sound-flowy, informal, engaging, gripping, chatty and with the incredible ability to create empathy and genuine interest in this lady's lifestyle.

She tackles subjects such as singledom, dating, and moving house with the gusto of an individual who is well placed to offer advice and insights on such subjects but she also has a self-depracating and touchingly open method of discussing the negativity that she, and we, all face in our daily lives; her struggle to find paid writing work struck a chord with my personally because I so completely admired her determination. Through all the bad experiences Bibi picked herself up, dusted herself off and put pen to paper day after day, despite, I'm sure, feeling as if she would just like to quit. It's this sincerity about her writing that really made me connect with her work; it's rare to read an article and think, 'wow, this could be written about me' and rarer still to cry tears of happiness and sadness drawn from words on the same page. Bibi has achieved this with me and for this reason I consider her an inspiration and a touchstone for any writer struggling to find their way.

She's a trendy little thing too; check out her blog on Upstyler

You can follow both lovely ladies on Twitter too....Natalie and Bibi always have amazing snippets to share.
So...who inspires you?
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Malu Rivero said...

Hahah! She seems really funny! xxx Malu

Cylia said...

these are some great finds:) thanks for sharing!

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