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Starting this post with an apology-two days out of the blogosphere! So unlike me, but in my defence I have still been working away which means late finishes and early starts, so all I've had time to do when I've got home is eat and sleep! Boring I know! But necessary since I am a person who need their sleep! Unfortch it seems that the long days and (probably more likely) stuffy trains have taken their toll because I am cultivating a doozy of a cold at the moment-urgh, it has knocked me out a bit because I haven't had one for ages and now my face feels like it's been stuffed with cotton wool, and don't even get me started on my throat-'apres a  razorblade gargle' might be a good way to describe the pain level there, though Adrian did good and stocked me up on Hall's Soothers so I am merrily munching my way through those.
Anyway, back to other things. My friend Darren recently found this blog, written by an apparently very angry guy; it's so funny and well worth a read, but in a potted manner here is what he has to say: Basically, he claims to know nothing about fashion, but gives his opinion with alacrity anyway. He smashes Crocs (props) and those horrible 'hoochie mama' style logo tees (again,kudos to this) but then goes on to wax lyrical about the pointlessness of red lipstick. Ok-stop. Have an opinion, by all means, but don't be hating on my red lippy, mate.
So I thought I might get my own back a bit, and have a bit of a crack at men's fashion errors in judgement. Which is an unintentional pun actually because the first thing I will be drawing your attention to is this:

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I'm sorry: really? and don't be all like, you don't know what I mean, because I have seen SO many guys wearing their jeans at half mast like so. I mean, why, why would you do this? Let's consider: Is it a) comfortable? I would defy this point because HOW can this look be anything but hideously irritating-don't you just want to walk up to this fella and give his jeans a big tug north of his buttcrack? But wait, Amie you are forgetting point b) of course, this look is by no means irritating, and the chap in question is in no danger of losing his strides, because he is wearing a belt. Oh, silly, silly me! The very accessory designed to keep your trousers UP is doing a very decent job of keeping them cupped around his buttocks for all to see. Because, of course this is the job a belt was made for, I mean, why wear it around the waist when you can stab an extra hole in it and wear it around your butt! This makes perfect sense.
I think what offends me the most about this image, and yes, the chappy sporting this abomination does not stand alone because I must see blokes kecks poking out of their jeans on a daily basis-and I'll use this photo as a benchmark because I've seen versions more underexposed and (frighteningly) more overexposed than this as well-are the pants. Guys, really? NO ONE, at least no one (that I know of) in the female race, wants to see your pants (at least outside of the bedroom), ESPECIALLY if they fall into one of the following categories: 1) budgie smugglers in lurid colours that show off every curve of your posterior and normally have a dirty great brand logo around the waistband-Playboy pants won't get you laid, they just make you look like a bit of a twit, to be honest. 2) Dad pants: As sported by our long suffering, summer loving low-rise toter up there-I mean, seriously? If you MUST rock this look, (and please, think twice) have the decency to do it in a pair of clean, inoffensive, neutral-coloured knicks that don't scream either a) LOOK AT MY BUM or b) TAKE ME TO A WASHING MACHINE. Bless our streetwise style maven up there; not only is he battling with acres of pant fabric bunching up nicely around his belt (perhaps this is all part of the look? Oversized jeans, oversized pants? who can tell) he is also displaying the greyest looking pair of grundies I've ever had the poor fortune to clock. It's a double disaster.
I'm unsure when this 'trend' kicked off, to be honest, and I'll admit it isn't limited to boys; ladies, the whale tail is not a trend, repeat, NOT a trend, so, for the sake of my retinas, let's just keep all our bits covered, shall we?
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