Long Lost Leopard.....

I've tried really hard to embrace a wider legged trouser. Really, I have. I tried some on as part of my uniform allowance. They were caramel, high waisted, flared of leg. I put them on. I looked. I took them off. I put on a tapered pair instead. I prefered the tapered ones 100fold. I bought the tapered ones. This does not bode well for someone wanting to embrace a new trend, no?
I'm not sure what it is-my height (or lack thereof) or the fact that I have pretty much lived in a slim leg trouser for the last 18 months or so, but flares just feel all sorts of wrong. They were uncomfy. They swallowed my feet, even in heels. They dragged on the floor (again, even with a heel addition.) They just felt so....nineties, and not in a good way. I wanted 70's, instead I got Amie's style circa 1996. Not so fresh 15 years on. Wait...15 years?! Cripes! Where do the years go? It's nuts!

This blouse is by a new lable I've just discovered, called 'Vaudeville & Burlesque.' It's so cute and I picked it up in Urban Outfitters reduced from £65 to £20. I haven't bought much in the sales this year, but what I have bought seem to a) be really well reduced and b) are things I will actually wear more than once-I am definitely going to work this into my summer wardrobe, I think it would look cute with denim cut offs and a nice tan sandal. It's made of such lovely fabric and drapes beautifully, and the bow and caping detail lend it a nice vintage feel.

Blazer, Shoe Boots: River Island Top: Vaudeville & Burlesque Trousers: Topshop (to replace my other knackered black pegged harems) Earrings: Freedom at Topshop, Rings: Vintage.

I also just found my leopard blazer which I thought *shudder* I had lost in the move. Turns out it was just jammed between two other jackets and I hadn't been able to see it-wally. In a bid to try and empty out some of my wardrobe, and actually allow Adrian some hanging space, I have been doing a little eBaying this week. This does seem to be slightly counterproductive in that, whilst I have sold 2 pairs of shoes, I have bought a vintage turban, vintage cardi, vintage blouse, and a (no judgement please) Norah Jones CD. The CD is a replacement one-I know she is very M.O.R and not particularly cool but I just love her voice and I had her CD some years ago but lent it to someone (I think) and it was lost forever. So a 99p replacement isn't a bad thing really.

These are the little brogue wedges that I either blogged/tweeted/imagined I had told you about. They have a crepe sole so are really comfy, and are available to buy on the River Island website-£30 in the sale. I mainly bought them for work, as I like to wear a heel but too high or too hard a heel makes me crabby. So these are a prefect in-between. I do love wedges, they are soooo easy to wear and the 'heeled brogue' is going to be a micro shoe trend for SS11 apaz. So I am well in already! I couldn't decide what colour to get, they had tan (but I already have tan booties from Oasis) and bluey-grey (cute, but somehow not as easy to wear as this beigey colour). I like them anyway-what do you guys think?

I am very light on jewellery in this post because I wore these stonking earrings so I thought there was little need for much else, apart from the rings Adrian gave me that I always wear. These earrings are Topshop from about 5 years ago but every so often a chandelier earring comes back around and these tick all the boxes for me. They are super heavy but I love them, sometimes for a bit of a change I'll just wear one :)

Pretty useless nail photo but this is 'Caramel Cool' by Nails Inc which is one of the shades you can get free from Boots when you buy two or more bottles of diet coke. So since Adrian loves coke I can stock up for him whilst treating myself!
Here is a new feature: Amie's list of the week so far!
  • Listened to: Chapel Club-after going to see them last Thursday I've stolen their album off Adrian and play it on repeat in the car. Check.Them.Out.
  • Bought: 1 x pair of shoes, 1 x dress, 1 x turban, 1 x vintage blouse, 1 x vintage cardi. seems an awful lot when I write it like that...
  • Eaten: the best part of 2 (count 'em) banana loaf cakes. nomnomnommmm
  • Watched: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (love) and, movie wise this week, Whip It. I shall now re-name myself Shabba Spanks, Jammer supreme for the dodgy 80's-music-scene-themed roller derby team.
  • Loved: Adrian of course! We will be two years old on Monday. Again, to reiterate my point: Where does the time go!?! Evidently, very quickly past when you're happy!
  • Coveted: Most of the Jaeger website. I love a luxe brand and this one is up there with the best of them-they were one of my favourite shows at Fashion Week.
  • Gained: One new follower. Hello lovely person! I have decided to do a giveaway once I get to 200-I love a competition and was lucky enough to win one last week which I will tell you all about soon!
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Melissa said...

i love your boots, great bargain on the blouse too! x

Vix said...

Hi Aimee! Thanks for the lovely comments and support. I always read your blog and rarely comment so things are about to change.
Love the leopard print and those shoes are fab.
I love flares but find them easier to wear in the summer 'cos they just look more retro with clogs and peep-toe wedges. xxx

Unknown said...

Hi my love,

thanks for the constant support on my blog! I love to read ur comments :-)
Would LOVE to have u as my follower!!

Wish u a great weekend!!

Kisses Julia


Unknown said...

hello!!!! :)))

Jamie said...

I love your blazer!! SO cute!


Anonymous said...

Oh I simply adore your outfit :-)


Molly O said...

I love Nora, and who cares if she's cool? Cool is so lame, haha. And I like your shoes a lot!

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