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I never wear skirts or dresses, and one of my New Year's resolutions was to rectify this. So I had a good root through the wardrobe and discovered this suede skater skirt that I had a) forgotten about and b) *shamefully* never worn.

I picked these socks up in River Island, they had been marked down from £6.99 to £2.10 because they had no packaging. *tip* it's always worth looking through 'faulty' garment rails to find bargains because often shops will mark down products that aren't perfect by quite a lot of money and normally the 'faults' aren't that major...hence, my socks, just a couple of quid because they had no packaging, which you would just chuck away anyway! Fixable faults would be anything like fabric pulls, marks, makeup stains, split seams...all these can be mended fairly easily if you're handy with a needle. Or if you have a friend who is! I used to buy a lot of items that had broken zips as I have a friend who is a seamstress so she could easily replace them for me (zips are beyond my remit of experience!) but now that I've moved, I shan't be doing that any more, unless it is something I reallllly love....as zips are pretty expensive to replace so factor an extra tenner into your overall cost for the product if you do decide to go for it.

This skirt is so swishy and lightweight, you'd never think it was made of suede. I plan to wear it with a lot more black, in a Swedish street-style sort of way, but I will make sure I get a lot of different textures in there to create interest. As it is I am dressing it down today with a Topman tee and vintage cardigan.

I also found this oversized 'Chic' brooch in my box of tricks that I discovered whilst doing yet more unpacking. It's so hideously tacky but I absolutely love it!

Skirt, Shoe Boots: Topshop Socks: River Island Tee: Topman Cardigan, Brooch: Vintage
Hope you've all had a good Friday and have a wonderful weekend :)
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vivalablonda said...

Well... you did right! Nice outfit, love that sweater/jacket and I finally posted the award, thanks baby!!!


Paint it Black said...

You should wear skirts more oftern they look good on you. Funny but I rarely wear trousers. Loving the vintage cardigan and the brooch looks awesome what a great addition xoxo

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