I really love your tiger stripes....

I picked up these stripy trousers at the vintage jumble sale a couple of weeks ago for £1. I have to admit I got them home and wondered if I would ever wear them, but I tried them on today and actually I am loving them! They are such a nice shape and I love the high waist.

I bought some clog boots from Topshop yesterday and tried them out today. Wow, are they hard to walk in! I caught a glimpse of myself in a shop window, rolling along in manner of Ronald McDonald. Embarrassing.

Cardigan, Harems, Shoes: Vintage Tee: Topman Scrabble Ring: Vintage
I think this Scrabble ring is so cute, it used to be part of a set that spelled LOVE but I have lost the other letters so just the 'O' will have to suffice!
I have also entered a competition on a website called Don't Panic and I am looking for votes! Basically the prize is to be on the cover of a re-issue of a book, amazing or what! I am a) no model and b) not that stylish compared to everyone else so I don't expect to win, of course, but you can see what you think and vote if you like!
Check it out here
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