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I can never wear ballet pumps without feeling like Audrey Hepburn. They are such a staple piece of footwear, but they evoke feelings of past times and vintage looks, especially when teamed with a 50's style tea dress or a pair of cropped trousers. I rarely wear flats; they are limited to a) a ballet pump, b) a gladiator sandal, or c) a decent pair of riding-style boots. Sometimes a flat is good though, and I thought with these 7/8ths trousers they looked quite cute.

Unfortch, these are only Primark pumps; I yearn for a pair of Pretty Ballerinas or French Soles. Maybe one day! These Primark ones are ok, but not overly comfortable..a soft leather slipper will always be better and mould to the shape of your foot in a way a man-made fabric never can. Must start saving.
My mum was a ballerina and I remember getting an early introduction to the look and feel of a 'real' ballet slipper. I used to delve through her trunk of costumes and pointe shoes and marvel at the slippery satin ribbons and the bright colours and textures of her performance shoes. I think from this has grown my lifelong love of a ballet shoe!

All clothing: Gap Necklace: Vintage Pumps: Primark

I have had to update some of my uniform and I bought these slim trousers, which are so easy to wear, a silk shell top, which is super pretty and I think will look lovely with a lot of things, and this sweatshirt which is part of the Gap 'triple set' collection-kind of like a modern twist on the twinset, but a 3-piece: Vest, Sweater, and Cardi. It is so soft and I love the colour.
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Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

Very cute outfit, the trousers look very nice with pumps! I would also love a pair of French Soles but until I win the lottery, Primark pumps will have to do! I prefer the flimsier ones to the ones with more structure; I just feel like they are more "real ballet pump"-ish! Not to mention they're a lot more comfortable x

margarita ts said...

simple and chic!loooove it!

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