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I was saddened to read today that Sugar magazine has (excuse the pun) folded. Does anyone remember it? I never really read Sugar, my first forays into the world of teen magazines came with Just Seventeen (pre-J17 monthly makeover, back when it was the only thing to get your hands on every wednesday, for just 65p) I still bought this when it turned into the monthly version, though-the glossy £1.50 version would be eagerly awaited and I would devour it in an afternoon, religiously ripping out the style pages and sticking them on my bedroom wall. Oh, J17, with your dodgy freebies-compilation CD's (best of the charts '97 anyone?!) gloopy mascara's and cut-out-and-keep love potion recipies...I miss thee. From these humble beginnings,developed my insatiable appetite for good copy, great fashion and fantastic writing that I now glean from my monthly Elle and Vogue hit. Infact, this little trip down memory lane has made me feel all nostalgic...anyone got a spare copy? I used to dip into other girlie mags of the time, but none ever really seemed to 'get' my lifestyle as J17 did...there was 'It's Bliss!' (still going, but now just "Bliss" apaz~too babyish) 'Shout' (OMG, you're kidding, my little sister reads that, what are you, like 12 years old?) and 'B' (only bought one copy-far too risque. I wonder what came of that one?!) I especially loved the fact that I started to read Just Seventeen at, in fact, age 14-I know, shocker.

Hmm, magazines aside, here is my new hair colour. Now, either I am colour blind, or I don't know how to pick a hair dye...I chose the John Frieda foam colour in 'lightest golden brown' and this is the result. On showing Adrian, he proclaimed, 'It's exactly how it looks on the packet' and actually, holding my hair against the pack, it's a pretty good match. But I somehow thought it would look more 'goldeny' and less 'Cheryl Cole.' Nonetheless I am pleased with it-it's made me realise how flat my hair was looking and now that I've given it a boost I am much happier. What do you reckon? It was this or blonde, and I didn't trust myself to do a blonde job at home...I think that's best left to the experts.

So I was in a jacket shaped crossroads this morning-I began with a white vintage oversized number but switched it out for a little shrunken navy one. I couldn't decide but I went with the navy in the end.

White Jacket: Vintage Navy Jacket: Gap Blouse, Sweater, Harems: Gap Odd Socks (yes, they have different prints on!) H&M Belt: Zara Shoes: Staccato Bangle: Whistles Necklace: Primark.

Exciting stuff coming up next week! I am going to review my hair dye, plus I have loads of other stuff to blog about. Have an amazing weekend lovelies!
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Joanna. said...

Absolutely love your hair, even if it is a tad dark x

Kate said...

Aw this has made me all nostalgic too - I used to love Sugar and J17! xxx

chuck n. said...

i love your double-breasted blazer! i've been looking for one like that!

Nicole Martin said...

Hey, i'm just visting to tell you i'd like to give you the stylish blog award; because i love your blog and your style (:
follow the link for more information!
Nicole xox

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