Stripes. Who doesn't love a stripe? Not me. Not Emmanuelle Alt, soon-to-be Editor of French Vogue (Bon Voyage, Carine...) if the spread in this weeks' Grazia is anything to go by.  So a stripy tee, a perrenial fashion fave, was an easy option to pick up which I chose this month's work uniform pieces. I ended up with 3 stripy tees, which would put even my mum to shame (she's the stripe queen). But they are so easy to wear and in an attempt to inject a bit of colour into my work wardrobe I picked them up in caramel (hmm) navy and pale green stripes. Gap really do the best tees in the world-soft, stretchy-but-keep-their-shape and also with the most flattering necklines. So today I chose to wear the caramel stripe with some boyfit jeans, smartened up with a sharp asymetric jacket. The heels add a bit of funk as well I think.

Do you like my bun?! My hair is finally (finally!!) long enough to put my doughnut in (say what!? for those who don't know, it is a mesh ring in the shape of a doughnut that you thread your ponytail through, and it then enables you to make the perfect now you do!)

The biggest reason I love these jeans is because they are the closest I could find to a harem-sad or what? I see that flares are back, I am sort of excited about this as it means I can a) wear my highest heels, all the damn time (why can't I ever find shorter length flares?!) and b) it means I can have fun hunting down the perfect pair. We have a pair of denim flares in at work with a high waist which I like, but I am thinking of maybe choosing a coloured cottony canvas pair for summer. I am a bit sick of jeans, I don't wear them that much to be honest, and I am trying to make my look a little more colourful, and I'm thinking a lovely berry coloured pair would look lush with a big colour pop of red or pink on top to work the upcoming colourblocking trend. What I will probably end up with is a camel pair that I will wear with my navy blazer...all the time...! I'll try to avoid my seemingly unavoidable fashion traps.... 

I have worn this chain for the last couple of days to work and I keep being asked where I got it. A lady even asked if it was Gucci! I love it when that happens...I think compliments from women mean so much, I love it when people notice little details of your outfit.

Jacket, Jeans, Tee: Gap Shoes: Topshop Chain: Vintage Watch: Vintage Rings: Gifts (both Vintage)

So I have started making my SS11 shopping list, mainly in my head at the moment but I am sure I will stick it on my blog at some point...I am in that transitional period at the moment where I'm really unsure what to wear and where I want to go with my look. I'm going to look at all my lovely followers blogs for inspiration! Thankyou all so much for following me, and if you have a blog yourself leave the url in the comments box and I'll check it out and follow you too.
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heartshapedbruise. said...

This is a great outfit - I love the classic stripes, can't go wrong with 'em really!

Those jeans are gorgeous on you - I feel like they're quite a different look for you, but they REALLY work. You look great :)

Nikki S said...

It's good to have you back blogging regularly again, I missed reading your blog!


Anonymous said...

Your jeans look lovely :) i haven't got grazia this week but i might have to buy it if theres some emanuelle alt gosspip!!!

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