Little Boots...Again....

Hello! I am sure you are sick of seeing these blooming boots...I can't help it though, they are perfect for work, so comfy! I managed to buy a couple more pieces of uniform too-I got these grey trousers (the same as the green ones I seem to wear all.the.time.) and this cute little knit. I am loving this blouse/shirt too-I'm so completely 'off' tee shirts at the moment it's unreal!

Another good thing about moving was that I found all my jewellery, including this piece that looks like a horse brass on a chain. I have noticed a minor little trend for all things equestrian at the moment...lots of snaffle bits and ponies out there (how early Luella)...It might just be me, but I keep seeing horsey items! So I am getting in on the act!

I bought Adrian some fizzy pop the other day (I don't like fizzy drinks!) and I got a free Nails Inc nail polish with it! A bit of a random giveaway, but nice all the same! The shade is a little bit 'Chanel sell out' but I quite like it, it is called 'caramel' and certainly looks true to it's name.

Leather Jacket: Vintage Shirt, Knit, Pants: Gap Boots: Oasis Chain: H&M

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I am so grateful for my day off tomorrow, I am going to have a lovely lie in!
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Unknown said...

You look lovely, thank you for your kind comment. Definitely following :) x

Anonymous said...

i love this outfit, the boots are gorgeous!
i'm following :) xxx

Leigh said...

adorable look!!! i love those boots..i understand why you would want to wear them all the time!!! :)

minnja said...

stunning outfit :)))


Natalia Ja. said...

thanks for the comment i like your blog too + the outfit is cool *-*

Stiene Saenen said...

I love the boots and the sweater, great outfit! x

rosapelsblog said...

like ur boots too ! nice outfit because its simple !

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