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Last night Adrian and I watched 'Coraline', a film I'd never seen but was amazingly good! Age had a 3D DVD, and we watched about half with our little 3D glasses on but they made our eyes hurt so after about halfway through we switched it back to 2D!
As a result, my eyes were hurting a bit today! So I had to wear my glasses, and they helped! I do like them it's just such a faff to wear them! But they are Missoni and cost a fortune so thats my cross to bear!

After work today I went to my local branch of John Lewis to visit the Clinique counter. The ladies had been over to our store in the week asking us if we wanted to have a free foundation match consultation, so I thought I'd take advantage of it! I like Clinique products but have never tried their foundation so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get colour matched as well as trying it out. The consultation was brilliant, first they ascertain your skin type, have a little feel of your skin and advise you on skincare and routines, and then show you different types of foundation depending on your needs. The consultant advised me to try a redness correcting foundation, even though I don't really suffer from redness, the light texture gives a really good coverage, evens skin tone and includes an SPF-3 of my deal breakers. She then colour matched the foundation to my skintone by cleansing a small area on my jawline and applying the 3 colours she thought most suitable. From this we were able to choose my perfect match!
I went on my way feeling really satisfied-not only did I get a pot of the foundation to use, I also got two other samples of skincare to try. The ladies on the counter were'nt pushy at all and had the attitude that, they wanted me to go away and make sure I was completely happy with the products before I bought anything.

I'm sure you're getting sick of seeing these trousers but they are the only 'bottoms' I have for work at the moment! I'll need to get on it and get some new things soon! You can't really see in the picture but the tee is striped with a gorgeous pale green, for someone who struggles to embrace colour, this is an easy way to wear it, I've found!

Glasses: Missoni Trench: Sainsburys Pants, Stripy Tee: Gap Gladiator Boots: Topshop Belt: Oasis Boat Necklace: Topshop Scarf: Vintage

I am almost at my target of 200 followers! I am on 187 as of today! Thankyou all so much, this is 187 more than I ever thought I'd get!
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Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

This is a lovely outfit - quite Parisienne! Sounds like you had a really good experience at the Clinique counter as well. I am far too intimidated by the sales assistants and I'd feel obliged to buy something! I would like to give it a go though x

Pippa Clashing Time said...

I would love to have a clinique consultation! Im jealous :D <3

eelectroCutee said...

I love your coat.. it goes perfectly with the rest outfit.. :D

Mel said...

I have missoni glasses too, they look smilar to yours. Navy with polka dots on the sides. :) xo

Unknown said...

Oh lovely pics !
Love ur outfits really

accessoryqueen! said...

love your outfit. very chic!
Nat xo

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