Let in the Light....

These pictures have come out a little darker than I intended, and it's typical as I am actually wearing colour today. My trousers are dark green! Green was all over the Golden Globes carpet and so I thought I'd get in on the action. I actually like these more than I thought I would, and I paired them with this cream blouse and black jacket to smarten them up a little.

I forgot to tell you the story behind these bargainous boots! They are from Oasis and they were supposed to cost £70! But they had a small mark on them and the lady at the counter was so nice, she looked for another pair in my size but since they didn't have any, she let me have these ones for £10! Can't say fairer than that!

Trousers, Shirt, Jacket: Gap Boots: Oasis Chains: Vintage Rings & Watch: Vintage

I am thinking of making a few changes to my blog-New Year, new look, etc! So bear with me over the next couple of days!

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Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

What! I wish the shop assistants that served me were that nice! That's sort of like an extra £60 to spend on something else, haha. I just ordered some dark green trousers from ASOS so I will be getting in on that action soon too. You have a gorgeous smile in the third photo :) x

Bethany Struble said...

youre beautiful!! and stylish <3

thanks for being a follower of my blog!
im honored <3


daisychain said...

The darkness of the photos really works, great outfit!

Imsu said...

Cute outfit! I love the way you edit your pictures.


Maria said...

so lucky with those amazing boots!
lovely outfit, pictures are gorgeous! :)
new follower!:)


thomessa said...

Such a lovely outfit! I really like your necklace. :)

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