Lady Houlihan...

Ahh, the Houlihan. Surely the casual trouser of 2010, and I thought, when the price was right, (this is a credit-crunched blog after all) I'd give them a go. Well, of course these aren't the real Houli's, since they cost about £220 a pop and I am still feeling the pinch from the purchase of my aviator jacket, the price of which I still feel embarrassed about mentioning. No, these are Gap's finest-and blimming nice they are too. I like the shape (skinny) the colour (charcoal-it was that or khaki but I felt the charcoal would sit better with my existing wardrobe) the detailing (pockets-surely a prerequisite, zips-a nice extra) and the length (ankle bone hitting-soooo Marant it's unreal.)

I'm not afraid to pose! It's a new year after all!

So yes, comfy skinny cargo trousers that I am currently working hard. I intend to purchase a jumper I've seen in the Next sale with a voucher I got for Christmas (chunky tight knit, faux fur shoulder detail, metallic burnished goldy-khaki in colour) which I think will set them off a treat too. I also got some Topshop vouchers but I can't see anything I want to buy with them yet, though I'm liking the look of the new collections hitting the store. 

In other news! Adrian and I are about to move house! We are finally getting our own place which I am really excited about, if my blog is a little slack over the coming weeks I completely apologise but I'm not sure how long it will take to get our broadband set up. I can't wait to move into our new place and I will tell you all about it when we do!

Jacket, Tee: Quiksilver Womens Cargo's: Gap Ballet Pumps: Primark Scarf: Vintage Burberry

I found this Quiksilver Women's jacket on eBay. I wasn't looking for one as such but I stumbled across it and it had no bids on, I ended up winning it for a fiver which is such a bargain as it was brand new with the tag on, and it cost £70 new. Quiksilver Women's is a really cutting edge brand, it's nothing like it's sister brand Roxy which is quite a lot younger in design, but it is sharp, edgy, distinctive and stylish. It's also 'bubbling under' on the style radar and this is one of the reasons I love it, because the pieces are really unusual and fairly difficult to get your hands on. You can check the new collections out here.

Today was my first day off since last Monday! I was so relieved to get a break and spent the day packing for our gosh, I have SO many clothes! I can't wait to get them all unpacked at the other end so I can get styling properly again! Also it will be so nice to have a bit of space to call our own. Adrians bedroom is so full of boxes, and a whole lot of my stuff!
Hope you're all having a good year so far...any sale bargains to shout about yet?!
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Alexandra said...

Yay, im happy for you moving in with adrian. Im moving in with Kirk next month.
Its all very excititng!

Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

i like! i like it!!! :}
and i definitely like the aviator sweater you got there!!! {;

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

Posing like a model! You look lovely! Love the pumps and your scarf - it's making me want one but as if I could afford one and pull it off!
Good luck with the moving and I hope it all goes smoothly! x

Kate said...

I love those trousers, they are the perfect length on you x

amie k said...

Ahh thanks lovies :)and Alex-good luck on your move in with Kirk too! xoxo

Sally said...

Verrry cute pants!

Anonymous said...

Love your shoes, I have a pair that are almost the same (from Zara), but they kill my feet ;)

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