Chain Gang....

Today every shop I went in, gave me incredible customer service. In fact it was over the top-greetings and offerings of help when I'd barely crossed the threshold! Do you suppose they watched the Mary Portas Secret Shopper programme?! I did, I thought aspects of it were quite good, especially getting Chris George on camera (I used to manage a Pilot store years ago...) but I did think it was a pointless exercise trying to get service in Primark on a Saturday afternoon-isn't that why you pay £3 per garment? Because it's a right jumble sale and you go in to the shop expecting that?
I worked really hard on the fitting room at work today and actually, it was ever so satisfying kitting people out in lovely clothes. One lady said to me, "oh my god, these are MY jeans, they're made for me" when I found a pair that suited her and fitted her perfectly. It was really lovely.

I am micro-trending all over the shop today. Mainly: Equestrian, but hardware, not jodhpurs. I am digging this snaffle bit belt hard.

And speaking of chains, how amazing is this jacket? It's one of the bargains I scored in the vintage jumble sale last Sunday....Motel, £3. Yes please!

I've got a little obsession with Low Luv as well, which is Erin Wasson's jewellery line. She does a lot of body chains and harnesses which I really like but always wonder how I would wear. I cobbled together my own using two long necklaces crossed over, which I think looks ok. You get the idea!

Chelsea Boots: Oasis

Jacket: Vintage Motel Jumper, Cigarette Pants: Gap Chains: Vintage Boots: Oasis Belt: Oasis

I just love the chain print/oversized-ness of this blazer. Perfection.

My hair is cracking me up at the moment. I am planning to dye it, I want to go lighter but I daren't do that myself, and I can't afford to go to a salon at the moment. So I have decided to go for a really light brown colour-I'm trying out a John Freida foam colour, so I hope it works. Think of this as a before shot, I'll let you know the outcome tomorrow!
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Unknown said...

I love your style! It´s so relaxed yet fashionable! AWESOME

Salvador Eljure

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