Asos my style!

I'm not thinking for a second that anyone will want to, but I now have an account on ASOS Marketplace so you can buy my stuff! Yay! Well, at the moment I have only got around to posting one item-a rather lovely pair of Zara clogs in a size 4. I am selling them because they are a bit big for me (yes, I have silly small feet!) but they are so lovely, and I am only charging £15 because I just need to clear out my wardrobe so badly!

I don't know if any of you guys have ever used ASOS Marketplace before...I think of it as a more stylish eBay. All the things for sale HAVE to be shot outside, 'street style', no dodgy snaps of your living room couch here, no siree. Hence why it may take me a little time to get into a routine of listing things, because I'll have to find the time to model them, style them, and traipse outside to snap them! But I'm sure it'll be worthwhile, and it's a great idea!

Have a look for yourself here.

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