Oooh La La!

Hi! Welcome to my kitchen, haha! I haven't done any posts from indoors for ages, this is because I prefer the landscape to my cluttered home, I love sleek minimal spaces but I have come to realise that this is just not me! I like having stuff surrounding me I think, everything I have in my home means something to me and for this reason I have a lot of clutter!

Do you like my shoes? They are another £2 Primark pair which I got because the grey ones I had were so comfortable so I thought I would get them in Nude too. I made the boy trudge through Primark with me to fetch them, bless him!

Carrie Bradshaw once said, 'I use my oven for storage.' I completely agree.

Me and the Boy are off on our hold tomorrow. I bought this case from Topshop years ago and I always drag it out for trips away. It is the perfect size. I am learning to try and pack less, this never happens though and I always end up with tons of things that I don't use! But then if I don't take them, I always wish I had!

Beret (is this too ironic for Paris?! ha!) , Shoes: Primark Cardigan, Jewellery: Vintage Trousers:Gap Stripe Top: H&M Belt: Zara Suitcase: Topshop

Have a great week! I will be back this time next week with lots of photo's I expect!
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Bex said...

You look lovely, have a great time!

Safe in the Steep Cliffs said...

your poses are so nice :}
i wish i can pose like that blahhh hahaha

also.. man! your wall is awesome!
i like the color!

Rosie Savage said...

Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous outfit!
Especially love those bargain heels :)

Rosie x

Maddalena said...

cute :D

Lyndsey said...

love love love love love this! and your kitchen is BOMB

lyndsey of hellolyndseyyy

Nara B. said...

Was funny to see these pictures today, ´cause I'm in search for an apartment and I'm doing some research on how to decorate it. I just loved the color on your kitchen wall, its charming.

Voodle said...

ooooo you look priddy :)
totally rocking the beret mon soeur ;)
following you on twitter toooo. howcoolami?
love love <3

Unknown said...

Gorgeous blog, stumbled across this i've been reading for ages :)

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