First Day!

Just a quick post from Monday of last week-my first day of training for my new job. I wasn't sure what to wear really so I went for a classic look of nude chino's and black-very me, I love smart tailoring and a basic colour palette. I remember growing up I would look at the description of my star sign (Virgo) which always said things like 'You are a classic dresser' and 'You favour colours of an earthy palette and wear a lot of navy, black, nude, grey, tan, etc.' I would always think, that isn't really me but as I have grown into my style a bit more (eg, no more fluro pink!) I have really come to realise that it is me, exactly. I'm not averse to colour in any way but I have learnt how to wear it a bit more cleverly-for example I might wear a pop of mustard or jade on a shoe or a bangle to lift my look. Colour is funny, and so easy to get wrong, don't you think?!

Cardigan: Harrods Vintage Top: Cos Peg Trousers: Zara Shoes & Belt: Vintage Ring: Primark.

I like Zara a lot (have just got an app for my phone from them!) but was disappointed with the selection in my local store-all thin logo tees and cheap looking black trousers. Pull it together please, Z!
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