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I'm sure no one worth their fashion salt has missed the fact that Capes are set to be huge this AW. I'm irritated that I didn't buy the gorgeous camel one I saw in Zara in January-however I know this would have been a waste of money really as it was just too big for me. Smaller framed people have to be more careful with volumous items I think-I never thought I'd be able to tackle harem pants, however, and I find they suit me better than skinny trousers. So I guess a lot of it is about knowing what suits you, and trying things to find what works best with your shape.
To this end I have been playing around with different items and wearing things in a different way. Above I am wearing a vintage cardigan which I nicked from my mum (but have to give back-sob!) it is a pure cashmere one from Harrods years ago, I'm not sure where mum got it but we both agree that neither of us has ever found one as nice anywhere else. So we have a rota-share going on with this one now!! My mum is so trendy, she always manages to look smart and never treats herself to anything, so I like to pick up bits and pieces for her where I can. She is teeny, (she was a ballerina) so finds it impossible to find things to fit her-anyone know any good petite ranges?! I can fit in to some of her things (like amazing cardigans, for example!) but I am taller than her and have a size bigger shoe (which is gutting as she kept all her shoes from her youth, when she was growing up in the 60's and 70's and has some amazing heels and boots which I have tried on several occasions to shoehorn my feet into, but to no avail!
Anyway, back to the cardi! I wore it like a little cape with just the top button fastened and this worked really well-I got a lot of positive comments! It is a little grannyish I suppose but I geeked it up with the specs to make it more chic than Sloane Ranger, which is always the challenge with a cardigan of any kind, I think!

Cardigan: Harrods Vintage Stripe Crop Top: H&M (DIY) Peg Trousers: Zara Belt: Zara Specs, Cuff & Shoes: Topshop Ring: Primark Watch: Vintage
Eagle eyed blog followers of mine will notice that I am wearing the tunic from several posts ago as a tee today. I decided on reflection (after seeing the pics of me wearing it as a tunic) it was not the nicest item I'd seen, and as I'm fairly short, it was a funny length and made me look even stumpier. So, since I really liked the fabric and the print, I took a deep breath and a pair of scissors and customised it into a crop tee. And I love it now! It works so much better and I have worn it a lot with various things. Here I am wearing it over a pair of high waisted peg trousers, which I didn't think would work, but I seem to like it!

I hate my hair all pulled back but sometimes I can't stick it hanging in my face. I am really keen to style it more, it is difficult as it is growing out it is still too short for a lot of styles (I really want to do the whole 'huge bun on top of head' thing, which I could do before with the length I had, so hopefully it won't be too much longer. I saw in Vogue this month that the little 'half ponytail' trend is bubbling under, so I wore my hair like that yesterday but clipped it back instead of an actual half-ponytail, which to me still screams 'Primary School.' Also I love using clips and flowers in my hair, so there are ways to jazz it up even while it grows out!
Also I just want to thank all my lovely followers for reading, I'm sorry my posts are so sporadic-thankyou also to everyone who has congratulated me on my new job-sweethearts!

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Anonymous said...

I really need to buy a cardigan like yours!


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