Cape Tee

I picked up this little cape tee in Topshop the other day for a fiver, I also treated myself to some new jimjams at the same time, I've definitely got a thing for pajamas, I love matching sets and anything that looks a bit cute and vintagey. The set I got are wide pajama legs (full length) and a little button back cami, both pieces are lace trimmed and have a cute ditsy floral print but if you look closely at the print you'll see bugs amongst the flowers, I love little touches like that!
I am wearing my hair curly in the picture which I achieved with the Umberto Giannini salt spray that I blogged about a few posts ago. I also dug out the DIY corsage I had and have turned it into a fascinator. A little mixed up look, but sometimes I like the unexpected!

Cape tee, Wedges : Topshop, Peg Trousers: Zara, Vest: Zoe's Tees, Fascinator: DIY, Necklace , Watch: Vintage.
I wore the Zoe's tees vest under the cape tee as I don't like having my midriff on show, unless I am wearing a high waist, a la Carrie Bradshaw. This is mainly because I don't usually like that look, and also because I have a tattoo on my back that I don't like much, so I prefer to keep it hidden!
I'm also feeling rather smug as since posting my 'caped crusader' pictures, in which I am wearing a cardigan as a cape, I have found out that Moschino Cheap and Chic showed that very look with jackets on the catwalk. I love it when that happens, yay!
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