Whoops....{and...2 ways to wear....}

Jacket: H&M, Cardigan: Jil Sander, Chino's: Zara, Belt: Vintage, Brogues & Vest: Topshop.

So after my job interview I just wanted to chill a bit before going to the Boy's so I dressed down what I'd already been wearing and took a few pictures before I went to go. And before I went I popped over to my Mums to see her, only to find her with her head down on the kitchen table and a bag of peas on her arm! Turns out, she had been helping my brother with his football training and he walloped the ball and she half heartdly put her arm out to stop it without thinking and had really hurt herself. We thought it may be broken so I drove her up to the hospital where we were met with a full waiting room, containing no less than 2 pregnant ladies and a man in a wheelchair being told by the nurse that he would just have to wait where he was as 'we're stuffed to the rafters and there just aren't any beds.' I said to mum that I thought we would slip rapidly down the priority list and sure enough it was an hour and a half until she could be seen. The nurse said that she didn't think she needed an x-ray, but if she would like to wait to see a doctor, the doctor might like to x-ray her. The wait for the doctor? 4 hours. So mum took 4 painkillers and I took her home, bless her. I saw her today and her arm is soooo bruised and still quite swollen, but she's on the mend happily. So that's why my blog has been a little quiet of late-too much else going on!
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