Taken When I Left My Hair Straighteners Someplace...

I left my hair straighteners at the Boys the other day when I had gone home, and didn't realise until after I had blowdried my hair, setting:frizzy. So I had to tie it up, and I managed to get a little ballerina bun going on, which is just proof that my hair is growing-yay!
I am loving these peg trousers at the moment, they go with everything and I am just flinging them on for work as I have so much else to think about-I leave in a week (eek!) and am trying to tie up all the loose ends before I go.

Tee, Vest (just seen) Shirt: Quiksilver, Trousers: Topshop, Watch, Shoes: Vintage, Necklace: Bay.

I spent all day Sunday judging a Majorette competition which was super fun but very tiring, and you can't really enjoy the routines because you have to watch with a critical eye and constantly mark different things. I enjoyed it but it did mean I spent Sunday in a tracksuit (!) which I guess is nice really as I love slouching about in a tracky now and again.

I'm obsessed with Big Brother and absolutley adore Josie, she is sooo funny. I am surprised to see there is no one really 'fashion forward' in the house this year, I did think Caoimhe (?) was fairly trendy in her own way but there was no one on whom I had a huge style-crush!
Speaking of Caoimhe, I did like her hair-I love the short crops that are so trendy at the moment, especially the Rhianna-style undercuts, a new girl has just started at the place I work and she has a really kicky dirty blonde crop with a slick undercut side, and at the Majorette competition there was a girl with long hair and then a side undercut, they're everywhere! I'm so not brave enough to get one though, despite how cool I think they look. I am growing my hair again, but am kind of feeling bored with it already-everyone has long hair, I fancy something different! But I think I am going to stick with it for now, maybe let it get a couple of inches longer and then do a radical colour change or something. I want to go blonde, but bleached doesn't suit me, so I'm thinking maybe a dark blonde with lighter pieces, a la Whitney Port. We'll see!

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