I am having a shoe crisis at the moment peeps! I have been offered a new job which is all super exciting, and awesome, and I am super happy, but I don't want to say toooo much yet, but I will sooon, 'kay?
But this basically means, that I shall be able to wear heels to work again, whoopee! Obviously that is just a perk to the job, not the main reason I'm loving it, haha! But my problem is this: I want to find some smart, stylish, comfy-ish shoes (i.e, not mega stiletto's, since they always hurt my back...this is what happens when we get oldddd...argh....) but yeah, I want to get some nice mid-height heels which are classic with a twist.
Can I find any!?! NOPE!
I've spent about an hour trawling websites and things but I can't find anything I like! My only stipulation is that the shoes are leather/suede, so they last, but I'm not picky on price.
Any ideas lovely fashionistas? If so, chuck them my way!
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glamour. monster. said...

try wedges! theyre much more comfortable, ill tell you. im not sure where youre from so i cant offer you any good stores. but where im from, town shoes, browns, etc.

ps. check out, we're new:)

Paint it Black said...

How about heeled loafers they are super awesome and are bang on trend xoxo

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