Rain, Fickle, Broken Shoes....

So today my area of the country got RAIN! and it's still raining now. But hopefully tomorrow will be brighter :)
I had a right pickle choosing what to wear today, I felt quite warm but obviously due to the rain I had to cover up a bit.

Parka: Quiksilver Women, Trousers & Top: Topshop, Cuff & Jelly Shoes: Vintage

I chose the jelly shoes which may be a little unusual for a rainy day footwear choice, but at least they can be dried easily, unlike ballet pumps which soak up the water and are wet all day!

I had originally gone for these Topshop espadrilles, but they are very old and as I was walking around the house before I went out, the sole split! So I had to chuck them away :(

Beret: Gift from France, Scarf: Moschino.

This parka has been so handy-it's necessary to have a coat with a hood when you live in the UK!
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