Just Another Manic Monday....

Today was so nice, until it rained this afternoon! Typically I had worn sandals and bare legs...!

I had to work today and thought that I hadn't really worn this skirt for ages, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. The top is a bit of a random choice I think but I like how the colours pop against the navy skirt. I love navy, it seems a lot easier to wear than black.

Denim Shirt: Primark, Scarf: Alexander McQueen, Sandals: Heart by Michelle Hue, Vest & Skirt: Quiksilver, Belt & Watch: Vintage
I had quite a good day today, the Boy has got a new HTC smartphone and it is soooo flashy, he is playing with it right now and it has really made me rethink my [seemingly concrete] decision to get an iPhone...they look amazing but the cheapest deal is almost £40 a month, the Boy got his funky phone for half that so I am tempted to shop around and see what else is on offer. To be fair I would be happy with anything better than the hunk of junk I've got now...it doesn't even have a camera! Can you say dated!?! Can anyone recommend a good phone?
Also I am currently obsessed in a big way with my new Stephen King book, 'Under the Dome', me and the Boy went halfsies at Tesco's on their paperback books, he got one, and I got one, it was buy one get one free...nice! I cannot put it down, it is SO gripping and I thoroughly recommend you read it if you like his writing!
Hope you all had a lovely day! I discovered a new blog today, about the life and times of a girl after her 20th birthday...cute concept and I like the posts she's added so far! Check it out here
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heartshapedbruise. said...

I love this outfit - we literally can't win with the weather at the moment so I've basically given up trying!

Can't believe your phone hasn't got a camera! Got my first camera phone approx 8/9 yrs ago..! Keep us updated on what you decide - I'm on the lookout for something new too, so I'd be interested to see what you choose :)


Chanel said...

Love those shoes!


Alexandra said...

Thank you so much for the mention, your very sweet!
Dont worry my UK phone dosent have a camera either!
We can be stuck in the stonge age together

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