Experiments In Concrete...

Well, I thought today I'd have a little play around in the sun with the camera and the timer to see what I could come up with. In short: not mirror photos, at least!

Apologies for the lateness of this post: I am still up putting some new music on my Ipod, which isn't an Ipod at all but something like one, it's dead good and the boy gave it to me when he got a real, proper Ipod. Anyway, I've just figured out how to put music on it properly so am doing so as we speak! (well, type, you know!)

I was loving the sun today. This has to be the first day off I've had in ages where it's actually been nice weather! I've been enjoying it, and preparing for my last 2 days at work (yippee!) and then I start training for my new job, which I promise I will tell you about in due course!

Denim Jacket, Pegged Trousers: H&M, Top: Monsoon, Belt: Zara Boots: Next
My friend Giselle from Style of a Fashionista (here) has been raving about Next's footwear collection, and with good reason-their new season cloots (clog-boots) are amazing, and I picked up these suede peep-toe boots in the sale for £15...gotta love that!

I had a bit of fun with shadows....haha!

Hope you've all had a lovely day! I am going to be posting a little more over the weekend but then I will have to stop as I am going away for the training of my new job so I won't have time, but it will only be for a week! I was thinking I might do a post about my skincare regime when I come back, if anyone would be interested in reading about that, I'm not sure, hmm!


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Alexandra said...

Im very excited to hear about this new job : )

Paint it Black said...

I cant wait to hear about your new job all sounds so exciting. Love your boots goregous colour and look fab with your outfit. I cant believe how amazing Nexts shoes are who would of thought xoxo

Pippa Clashing Time said...

LOVE the monsoon top :)
Lovely blog! Im a new follower :)

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