Rhianna Style Steal/Glitter Doubler....

Firstly, apologies for yesterday's no-post fail, I think Tuesdays are going to be impossible to post on now because I've started another dance class as well as the one I normally do, so now I don't get home until 10.30pm or thereabouts...by which time, I'm ready for bed!

I was feeling a bit fierce, 'Rihanna Style' so I opted for the spangly jacket I got on saturday, over a sequinned sweater with harems and boots. I'm feeling layers are the way forward at the moment since this weather is so indecisive. It's hot/cold, wet/dry....'mare!

Also pinching from Rihanna, I tied my (newly-blonded) hair up and did a little quiff thing, I'm not sure I pull it off but to be fair I just wanted to get my fringe out of my eyes!

Jacket: H&M, Sweater & Boots: New Look, Harems: River Island.

It's a very high-street outfit, this one! But sometimes I like to look a little bit sporty/urban/casual/edgy and the high street does do some good basic pieces. My Jil Sander for Uniqlo cardigan arrived today though so I'm right back into the 'slouched tailoring' mode for tomorrows outfit, I think....!

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April said...

Okay girl,I liked how you Rocked this Outfit. =-)

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