Scarf: Primark, Cardigan & Vest: Quiksilver Womens, Harems & Cowboy Boots: Topshop.
I woke up at 5.30 am this morning due to my smoke alarm in my house going off for some reason (!). When I got up to investigate there was nothing wrong, and then I figured since I was already up it might as well stay that way! Hence my early morning post.
I also discovered it was raining-where's the summer gone hey!? I am hoping to do a carboot with the Boy on Sunday so I hope it clears up by then!

Sorry for this posing....mainly this photo is to show my friend Lina the state of my grown out haircut. Check her gorgeous haircut and blog here:

The vest is a DIY effort, it is an ancient Quik Women's one that had a huge hole in the front so I snipped the spare button off my Quik Women's shorts and sewed it on in front to cover the hole. The vest is actually really nice and I didn't want to chuck it out so this was a good way of rescuing it!
I am loving Big Brother at the moment, any other fans out there? My favourite character has to be Josie, she is definitely a candidate for the winner, she's so funny without even realising it. I was crying with laughter watching her in the pool last night, when she said 'Oh my god, I've got a hairy arse' it was the quote of the series for me so far! (if a little bit of an overshare haha) Her face was priceless as well, amazing!

You'll notice I have my cowboy boots on, well it's because I hate getting wet feet (like a cat haha) so I shall take sandals to work with me (for on the shop floor) but I shall not be walking to work in them! I like cowboy boots as a good 'summer' boot. they're really comfy and go with everything. This pair is about a hundred years old from Topshop, but they really do get better with age and wear.
Have a lovely day all!

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Paint it Black said...

That is an early start. I woke up to rain too but it has stopped. Great outfit loving the cowboy boots you should keep them on they look great with this outfit. Cool DIY xoxo

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