Parka Malarkey....

I have been hunting for a decent parka jacket for ages. I didn't really want a khaki one, because I wear a lot of blue, and I always think blue and green together can be a bit iffy....just my opinion! So I'd seen a few different options in various places, and then I spotted this one in the Quiksilver Women's catalogue. It is so gorgeous, the colour is called 'chainmail' and it's a kind of slate/browny-grey colour, finished with shabby chic painted buttons and a rope cord pull in the hood and at the back. So I was well pleased with my find! It comes in at about £85, but I think that's worth it...and at last I have a coat with a hood!

I also wore my maxi dress as a skirt today, by chucking a tee over the top of it. It was very comfy!
Parka, Sandals & Tee: Quiksilver, Maxi Dress: New Look, Sunnies: Fabris Lane, Corsages: Primark, Watch & Belt: Vintage.
Hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather today. I managed to sneak out on my lunch break for a bit of fresh air and sun! I'm looking forward to the weekend when I plan to get my hair done and go shopping with my mum...can't wait!
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heartshapedbruise. said...

I love this whole outfit - the new coat, the tshirt over the dress, all of it - love it :)

Paint it Black said...

Great parka and such an unusual colour makes a change from green. Totally agree in the UK that we need at least one coat with a hood great for those summer showers xoxo

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