Who Do You Think You Are, Inspector Clousieu?

I was feeling rather French inspired today with pegged trousers, stripes and spots all going on in this outfit, which, I will admit, did prompt some rather funny looks today. But oh well! I think it all looks kinda cute and I felt like wearing flats for a change, as I haven't worn flats for a while and whilst I love brogues, ballet pumps will always be my flat shoe of choice. I love them!
Stripe Top & Trousers: Topshop, Mac: Sainsburys, Pumps: Gift from France, Glasses: Topshop, Beret: Gift.
The pumps are actually genuinely French, my mum bought them for me when she was over there. So cute! I feel like a cross between a member of the French Resistance and Where's Wally, but I quite like it I think!

Do you ever get style inspiration from Countries? I think that the French style has been typified by stereotypes, but sometimes it's nice to play on a stereotype...I love to have fun with fashion!
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Emma - J - R said...

i love the outfit
tis cute :)

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