What I Had Been Waiting For!

Yay! How long have I been banging on about these Jones Clogs!?! Well, I finally bought them now that I have been paid, and I absolutely love them!

They are a perfect fit, and soooo comfortable, even though they're quite high! I can just tell I am going to live in these this summer. I went for a lighter shade as well because I thought they'd be handier for summer outfits.

They are so soft! I didn't actuall realise they were suede, I thought they'd be leather, but I am just as happy with the suede. They are going to be a 'mare to keep clean though!

What do you all think of clogs? Will you be wearing them this season?


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Unknown said...

Those are some Awesome clogs! Love the way you styled them:)

KathyGale said...

I love! :D

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