Tuesday Night Dance Club

Argh, sorry fellow bloggers, you will notice (or maybe not, depending how much you read my blog, haha!) I didn't post yesterday, which is unusual for me as I always try to cram a post in. I have no excuses other than an extended dance class, dance exam panic stations, and feeling absolutely exhausted when I got home, and completely lacking inspiration. I didn't just want to write randomly about uninteresting topics so I thought I'd spare you my tired-mind workings and save a better post for today.

In fact I have a couple of posts for you that I shall be writing after I have finished work-I hope you will join me at leisure to have a little squizz.

I have to go to the supermarket tonight to get some food (my least favourite sort of shopping) but whilst there I am going to get the new Harper's Bazaar (which I never get, but I have a coupon for it this month. What do you think of it? Any fans?)

Also I have been overhauling my beauty regime because now that the seasons are changing I really feel it in my skin. My hands especially are so super dry and sore and my face keeps veering between oily and flaky, yuk! I don't think my body can cope with the extremes of temperature-I keep switching off my heating and then turning it back on again! So I have been using a super strong hand cream (E45) and using a skin oil every other night on my face which is really helping, I use a pure vitamin E one which is really good and smells lovely too.

Anyway-have a lovely Wednesday. I shall be back later with 2 shiny posts for you, yay!

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