Tiger Feet...

Scarf: Vintage, Denim Jacket: H&M, Tee: Topshop, Harems: New Look, Boots: Oasis, Bangles and Bag: Primark.
This is a picture from a couple of weeks ago that I didn't get round to posting! I have had dance exams today (which went well, despite a late night beforehand) so I shan't be posting a photo of myself in my dance kit, no siree.
I love these animal print harems, they are super comfy as well as being very LOUD! I wore them with suede moccassin boots for a 'tribal' feel and added a print clash with my scarf. The look is quite tribal/sporty which is a bit of a trend mix but sometimes I like to do that!
Hope you have all had a lovely Sunday bloggers, whatever you've been up too!
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Paint it Black said...

This is a great outfit hun the trousers are fab love the print and I love that you teamed it with a printed scarf. I am looking forward to working the tribal print look once this awful weather changes have a lovely evening xoxo

Anonymous said...

haha, mr anonymous above, I can imagine you are lying at the bottom of the social barrell, the scum i scrape off my shoe. Intelligent comment, unfortunately, it makes YOU look like a jealous knob. Go do something productive with your life yeah? and leave this girls blog alone! plank

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