Put Your Boots On, Get To Work, Work!

So, who doesn't love a spot of gardening! Can't say I'm dressed for it...or any good at it...the Boy's dad gave me some strawberry plants last year which I murdered in spectacular fashion, though one looks like it may be coming back for more this summer...I will try and do a better job this time around!
I am wearing these leopard print harems with a floral print top which I did think may have been print overload but I think it sort of works. I know it shouldn't, but I think it does!

The Boy and I attended the pub quiz again last night with a big bunch of friends and at one point my driving licence was passed around, which in turn had everybody reaching for theirs to compare ancient photo's. The consensus was that 8 years ago, I, evidently, looked like a chav. I hope my fashion sense has matured somewhat since then!

Bag: Gucci, Blouse and Scarf: Vintage, Trousers: New Look, Boots: ASOS, Cuffs: Primark.
I must admit these trousers are super comfy, I love them! Also I meant to say yesterday (but I forgot) that I have now purchased the Jones clogs I have been harping on about for, oh, ever, so I am hoping they will be here soon! Of course the fact that this has been a bank holiday weekend means that they have been delayed (bah!) but I have a feeling they will be worth waiting for!

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Paint it Black said...

Those trousers are awesome and I love that you mixed the prints works so well. Cant wait to see you styling your clogs dont you just love pay day :D.

btw way to glam for gardening xoxo

Chanel said...

Love those boots...super fab!



April said...

I LOVE that Bag!!! ^_^

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