Whoops, sorry I didn't post due to work, rush rush, tea, rush, people, rush, gig, chill, drink, bed. Ah well, I am back now!

I took some style inspiration from the lovely Whitney Port today. I will be posting about her 'Whitney Eve' fashion line in due course (i.e, when I find some decent pictures of the range). I am a recent Hills/City obsessive, and I love the way Whit combines quirky pieces with high fashion and designer looks.

Cardigan: Vintage, Bangle: Gift from Turkey, Blouse and Jeans: Quiksilver, Clogs: Jones Bootmaker.

I also put a wave in my hair today. This was also sorta snitched from Whitney, she is one celeb who's hair I always covet. As it turns out, my own hair is a similar colour to hers at the moment, and the chunks of blonde further down the length of mine is similar to hers...a couple of weeks ago in Look magazine she featured in an 'embrace the root' spread about a mini-trend for darker hair on top with caramel and blonde pieces through the mid sections.

I was actually really comfy in this today though it is weird wearing jeans after wearing harems so much! I am going to try and get out of trousers, it's difficult but I wear them all the time, I just feel more confident in them and less constrained than in a skirt! Not that I go leaping about the place or anything!
Regular readers will know I never normally blog on a Saturday but I have got one off for a change! Lovely. I have so far spent it painting my kitchen and half cleaning my bathroom! So this afternoon I plan to have a good clean of my kitchen and tidy up, then I may be wearing a dress to go out tonight, in which case, I will have to apply the old fake tan to my whiter than white pins. So should be a busy afternoon!
Ooh! I also have a Strawberry plant update...I spent the whole part of an early evening last week gardening with my mum, we planted 77 different plants (!) and I tried to resuscitate a strawberry plant which I had pretty much killed over the winter. In his new abode in the greenhouse he is looking much better and has absorbed the nutrients of the potting compost I gave him and has turned a lovely shade of green, and also flowered! So fingers crossed for some berries ASAP!!
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