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I tried. I spent much money, almost 6 months, and countless tears trying to grow my hair out, and I have finally cracked and wanged my extensions back in. Sigh. This means another 6 months (probably) of faffing around with clip-ins daily, but I just feel so much more confident and happier with my hair long. I really don't know why I cut it-a mad 5 minutes that undid 2 years of hard growth. Oh well-I have to make the best of it until it comes back properly!
The extensions I use are American Dream and I bought them online, a couple of years ago or so. I am going to treat myself to a new set tomorrow as these ones have got a little thin and over processed over time, and also I have a local stockist of these now so I can go and get them properly colour matched, and they are on special offer too so that's great. What type of extensions do you guys use? If any?

I considered getting properly bonded extensions but have decided against this for a couple of reasons-the cost (£200 upfront and then about £35 a month upkeep) and also because I'm not sure how damaging they are for your hair. Clip-ins are a hassle but at least they can be easily removed and I can wear them as and when I like. Which will probably be quite a lot!
I had a lot of positive comments today-everyone liked my shorter 'do (except me of course!) but everyone has said how nice these extensions look and what a good colour match they are, which is ace as I don't think there is anything worse than really bad extensions! I hope you like them too-would love to know what you think!

Jacket, Trousers, Boots: Topshop Blouse: Quiksilver

I still have very itchy and dry hands which is why I haven't been wearing jewellery much lately as I don't want to irritate them. However my mum (bless her) did give me some E45 cream which I used to use years ago but had forgotton about, and it's sooo good-instantly soothed and softened my hands-miles better than any other handcream I've tried (and these range from a 49p Boots own brand [thin and greasy] £5 Body Shop cranberry number [lovely smell, irritated my skin though] and £18 DiorSkin one [gorgeous smell and texture-didn't go far though!] E45 is fairly cheap and just ace, no complaints!)
I had another useless day at work with my friend Loz, it was very quiet but good to catch up with her. I also went food shopping with the boy after work and managed to sneak a Harper's Bazaar into the basket, (he sneaked sweets in, so it's ok) I also had a coupon (how very 'Home Alone' of me) so I got money off and it also came with a rather natty Temperly tote which the boy has already affixed his beady peeper on (think he likes the print). Something for nothing...erm, LIKE!
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Grakisaurus said...

I love my 'stensions' 2!


KathyGale said...

how much and where from? :P

Unknown said...

I got my hair extensions from www.lushhairextensions.com

My mum's a hairdresser and she instilled the belief in me to never get extensions glued in. Unless you can deal with the upkeep, and how much it'll damage your hair, I would stay far, faaaaar away from bonded hair extensions. The damage isn't worth it :) My clip ins are life savers!

Unknown said...

Oh, and I use Aveda hand cream. Works like a charm for me!

amie k said...

Thankyou girlies! Kathy-American Dream clip ins from Sarah Hodge, it is £40 for 3 packs. xxx

Chanel said...

OMG....I love you with long hair. You look amazing!!!!

Love it!


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