Geek In The Evening...

Well, the Boy's band played a gig in town last night and so off I went to support them. They really are very good and the venue was packed out so a good night was in order!
I wore these trousers again which I was annoyed with myself for a bit because they are all I ever seem to wear! I know they work for me though...despite spilling pasta down them 20 minutes before leaving the house. Typical....

By wearing them with a tee shirt I hoped they looked a little less 'tailored' and a little more 'quirky'

Bangles: Accessorize/Primark, Watch & Tee: Vintage, Trousers & Glasses: Topshop, Boots: ASOS
I am loving peep toe boots at the moment, I realised I have 5 pairs which might be a little excessive. But I love them! And they're all different so I think that's ok...
Hope you all had a smashing Friday night, whatever you got up too!

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